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Ethics Is Good Governance Of Practicing Hrm: Case Study On Bangladeshi Private Organization

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Without human running an organization is impossible. Human are the key factor for an organization. When human behave unethically for their interest then nature show it’s against action a bit later. Everybody then get irrational results. Ultimately anxiety goes on and achievement of goal becomes impossible. Working after three Bangladeshi companies I realized that the employer do not act ethically towards employees. Thus the best effort never comes from the workforce. Besides these, different workforce unrest occurs time to time that causes economical losses.Key words: Ethics, HRM, Organizational Behavior
Ethics can be best meant by the word Justice. Because ethics is that best inner virtue that helps a man to act with appropriate justice. Ethics helps a human to show his or her standard behavior. Important thing is that most of the religion advised peoples to act ethically for getting success. Ethics, or moral philosophy, asks basic questions about the good life, about what is better and worse, about whether there is any objective right and wrong and how we know it if there is. (Ethics: theory & Contemporary Issues – Concise Edition, By Barbara MacKinnon, Wadsworth, 20 Channel Center Street, Boston, MA 02210, USA, Page-4)….. A business organization owned by and has to employ a lot of human. All of them give their best effort to achieve organizational goals. Here always two parties. One party is in owner side and another one is in employee side. Both parties have to behave ethically otherwise success never come. On the other hand each and every body working in the same organization has to behave ethically with each other. Before taking any decision by employer of the company must consider the ethical well fare of the employees. Any unethical decision taken by employer against employee for the well being of the organization may bear a good result only for a few days but in long run certainly it will be act as boomerang.

Discussion on Nature of Unethical Behavior

Optimistically I am discussing the thought with some examples.
Employer always thinks that he knows everything and employee doesn’t know anything. Thus employer all the time scolds the employees without considering age, sex, race or situation. Always tries to dictating the employees by using organizational power. Most interesting thing is that the person who is scolding is less qualified in each and every side of than that the person who is being scolded. For doing so by top level; this type of behavior is practiced by all over the organization. Is it ethical to the employer? But how it can be? An employee looses his pride and prestige in front of others. Always be in fear of bosses. For this reason participative decision never comes. No new idea gets chance for the fear of scolding.
If an employee does not be able to work according to the order of Bosses then in some cases he or she fired on the spot. Sometimes fired person do not get the proper compensation also. Though...

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