Ethics, Living Wills With The Elderly

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Elder Demographics
Within the next decade a large portion of individuals seen in all parts of the healthcare system will be older adults either living in primary care, specialty care, inpatient hospitals, or nursing homes.
These community-based care miles will need to address physical, functional, psychological, and social needs of older adults and their families, and social workers will need to pay increasing attention to the development of culturally competent miles of care to address the needs of the growing numbers of minority elders (Gehlert, S., & Browne, T. 2012).
As the population gets older there are other mitigating factors come into play that involve ethical decisions and issues ...view middle of the document...

Many older adults will eventually become dependent and need help to maintain their daily living. Consequently, to improve activity and participation also among older adults that receive home-based services, there is a strong need for development of knowledge-based practice regarding participation. (Vik & Eide, 2012).
Ethical Dilemma
Living wills and medical power of attorney's can and often do run hand-in-hand and social workers must always objectively look at the client which in the cases listed above will most likely be an elder person suffering some sort of mental deficiency.
It becomes an ethical question especially in the context that if the elder patient themselves fall into some sort of coma, accident causing brain damage, or in the case of an accidental overdose the person listed as the person able to affect decisions on their behalf with either a living will or medical power of attorney could possibly abuse that privilege for their own monetary gain.
It is at this point that the social worker is then confronted with the ethical...

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