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Many people have always wondered what the word ethics mean. To me ethics is the feeling of right and wrong. Many people have their own way of defining ethics and but this is what ethics mean to me. Ethics to other people might mean following the laws and some may say ethics is determined by what society is believed is right and wrong. For example Edward Snowden, a 30 year old man was born in North Carolina in 1983 (Edward snowden.biography, 2013, para. 1). Edward Snowden was a security guard that worked for the National Security Agency (NSA), after three months Edward Snowden started to collect NSA files and fled to Hong Kong and leaked the files. China started to print out report of the files that Edward Snowden has leaked to China about the NSA spying on U.S citizens. The reason that Edward Snowden left the United States (U.S) and leaked the NSA files is because he believed that what he had done was ethically correct and did not want people’s rights to be taken away.
Many people have mixed feelings about how they should differentiate Edward Snowden as a hero or a traitor. It is true what he had done was unjust and could have been handled another way without all the drama and getting nicknamed traitor by many and hero by few. His act on the NSA forced him into making a deal with Russia to stay at an asylum for a year, because some people in Russia believed in what he had done and did not doubt him unlike some people who thought of Snowden as a traitor to the government. There has been many polls, articles and interviews on Edward Snowden and how people thinks about his act of “exposing” the NSA for spying into the citizens personal life. Some may differ with Snowden by saying, what the NSA is doing is to protect the people from terrorist attacks because few are still worrying about a repeat of 9/11 (MILLIGAN, 2013, para. 4). Edward Snowden to many is considered a whistle blower which is a person who informs people of organization or people doing illicit acts. One of the many results that Edwards Snowden acts caused some country’s to lose trust in the United States and are cautious of the United States spying on them.
The act of Edward Snowden has created tension between the Europeans and Americans. Because of Edwards Snowden up rising countries has started to be more worry some around the U.S . European leaders spoked out about the NSA and accused the U.S of spying on the american leaders without permission. But gladly Europe and the U.S both issued a statement to agree to stay together as allied neighbors (UPI International Intelligence, 2013, para. 4). Hopyfully one day Edward Snowdens act will be news of the past and the U.S will have an even stronger bond with the other countries than before. Edward Snowden has many reasons for what he has done but he did it for what he thought was best for the people and not his own self interest.
The reason Edward Snowden has left his amazing life behind is not because he was forced to...

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