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Ethics Of Google Glass: Spying Through Social Media

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The code of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) they have a code of ethics that members follow. The code has twenty-four statements with four sections that covers; ethical considerations, in the section one, professional conduct in section two, leadership and their role is covered in the third, and the principles of compliance is in section four. The creators of Google Glass have broken two of its own codes the first one is Code 1.2 Avoid harm to others. This means that they should not harm or injury or have negative consequences to any person. The screen that they have developed is a 1.3 centimeter screen that is just millimeters away from you eye it is held in place by a set of eye glass frames. Your vision could be harmed due to this fact that you have to focus on this small of a screen and all the pixilated images. “Google admits that Glass could harm vision that is still developing, so nobody under the age of 13 should be using it. You also shouldn’t try Glass is you’ve had Lasik eye surgery as it could also cause damage to your vision.” (Humphries, 2013) He also stated that even thought you may have good vision that the glass may cause eye strain, and even headaches with use of the Google Glass. The other code that they have broken is Code 1.7 To Respect the Privacy of Others, the Google Glass has a feature that allows you to take photo, record videotaping and record voices without the other person knowing or permission. This is a complete invasion of privacy, because you as the person are being taped have no idea, and at least with a cell phone you see that the person is recording you. We have enough problems in this would with invasion of privacy issues do we really need another. An example of privacy issue started back in February 2014, a writer for a tech magazine name Sara Slocum was show the Google Glass to some people in bar and others in the bar had noticed and told her to stop when she did not they called her “Glasshole” and they took the glasses and ran outside of the bar. She ran after them outside where she was physical and verbally abused also during this time someone had stolen her purse and cell phone. Because of the glasses she has a recording of the whole incident and the police now have it. She had posted this on her Facebook page,
“OMG so you'll never believe this but... I got verbally and physically assaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some wanker Google Glass haters, then some *bleeeeeeeeeep* tore them off my face and ran out with them then and when I ran out after him his *bleeeeeeep* friends stole my purse, cell phone wallet and everything..” (Forbes, 2014)
Glasshole is a person who constantly wears Google Glass is they are completely ingor the outside world. Our society has plenty of distraction in the world now, this is another that will take us away from life, people walking or driving into thing because of texting, reading, or gaming on their devices...

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