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My First impression of the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Code of Ethics is that this is a very standing ethical code. The NBCC Code of Ethics covers all aspects of how a counselor should advocate, represent, and protect. The NBCC Code of Ethics prevents a counselor from counseling in a field that they do not have training, and it prevents a counselor from unlawful discrimination The NBCC Code of Ethics even regulates how a counselor should behavior on social media in regards to their practice, research, and voicing of opinions.
Upon reflecting on the Code of Ethics I feel that having the Code of Ethics is important within the field of counseling. The Code of Ethics provides a great foundation for counseling, and takes into consideration all aspects of counseling. While the Code of Ethics covers all of the things that I knew would (confidentiality, discrimination, and personal relationships with clients) there were several areas that I have never given thought.
One new area that I had learned about was taking measures to avoid interruptions of counseling services due to illness, vacation, or unforeseen circumstances. This was surprising to me because I had not considered this. I agree with this, because if a counselor was dealing with a client who has depression a counselor could cause harm to the client by taking a month off in the middle of their treatment.
Another new area that was particularly surprising was having a procedure of what to do with client records upon unexpected death. I certainly never considered what would happen if I were to suddenly die. This is also an important area because of the potential lack of thought into this area. Client records can hold very sensitive information, and should be retained, as well as disposed of, in a manner that could cause potential harm. Along the same lines as this guideline I was also surprised about having to notify clients about retirement.
One last area that I...

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