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Ethics Video Paper: Conformity Bias And Fundamental Attribution Error

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When considering business related ethics, it is important to take into account ethics in general. Two such important sub topics within ethics are the dangers of Conformity Bias and the threats imposed by the Fundamental Attribution Error. On the “Ethics Unwrapped” site, two videos, each relating to and named after one of the previously mentioned topics are helpful in gaining knowledge about what these two topics are about and the potential ethical dilemmas they create. I believe these two topics are important to discuss because of the fact that everyone, especially including those in business environments, have fallen prey to these two concepts more often than other sub topics relating to ...view middle of the document...

This is essentially what the FAE states, and it can be a very common problem, especially when you want to feel like part of a team or please some authority figure. Interestingly, 92 percent of Americans believe themselves to be satisfied with their moral characters, and 80 percent believe that they act more ethically then their peers. FAE is something most people will never admit to, even if they fall prey to it daily.
The second video is called “Conformity Bias” which is the pressure to model your own “proper” behaviors based on the actions of others in a social context, or more commonly the mind set of “if everyone else is doing it, I should as well!” The video also provides multiple examples for this. Using yourself and Marty from the previous examples, you find out Marty and your other friends are out partying the night before your BUSA 2106 final. Instead of studying like you should be, you decide to go out with them and party just so they don’t perceive you as some kind of anti-social freak, even though you would rather be studying and making sure you ace the final, thus giving into Conformity Bias (henceforth referred to as CB). Of course, this can be much more serious than a grade on a final. It is often thought that due to CB, employees in charge of the design of the O-Rings on the Challenger space shuttle gave into CB and did not speak up about errors and dangers in the design just because no one else decided to say anything, which subsequently led to the Challenger exploding in 1986 and causing those aboard to lose their lives. In a similarly deadly case, employees designing the Ford Pinto in the 70s did not speak up about the issues with the gas tanks position in the back of the vehicle which caused many unfortunate deaths and gruesome explosions, all because some people were compelled by CB to keep their mouths shut so they didn’t get singled out. It is important to consider one thing when regarding CB however, a quote from the Harry Potter novels: Albus Dumbledore said to Harry Potter that “It takes a great deal of...

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