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Ethiopia Suffers In Poverty Essay

726 words - 3 pages

By: Younes Benhenni

Contents Page
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Methods of Research
3.0 Statement of findings
3.1 Food production in Ethiopia
3.2 Food security in Ethiopia
3.3 Outline of current issues and challenges Ethiopia is facing regarding food security
3.4 Outline of the future trends Ethiopia will face regards to food security
4.0 Conclusion
5.0 Recommendations

1.0 Introduction
Ethiopia is located in east Africa; it is bordered by Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world with 38 per cent of the 86 million inhabitants below the poverty line.
2.0 Methods of Research
The search engines I have used are secondary sources, the websites I have used a reliable sources as they have been created and written by organisations or experts in that area. I collected the main information from these sources and put them into dot points.
3.0 Statement of findings
3.1 Food production in Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s economy is made up of mainly agriculture; 80%-85% of all Ethiopians are employed in agriculture particularly farming. 60% of output from agriculture is crops; Ethiopia cultivates a large variety of crops which consist of cereals, corn, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, soybean, chick peas, coffee, tea, tobacco, banana, orange, grape, lemon, onion, tomato, carrot, mango, apple, pineapple, avocado, cabbage, potato and many more. It is predicted that around 16.5 million hectares of land is used to grow crops as grain is the most dominative food crop occupying 86% of the 16.5 million hectares and also being the daily diet of Ethiopians. Agriculture provides 85% of foreign currency. Agriculture contributes 40% of the total GDP of Ethiopia.
3.2 Food security in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is a home to about 86 million people, 44% per cent of the population suffer from hunger and are under the poverty line. 12 million people are regularly food in insecure. Around 40% of Ethiopians are undernourished. Food security situation in Ethiopia is mainly attributed to poor rainfall and droughts. 20% of babies in Ethiopia have low birth weight, 53.5% percent of children under 5 are...

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