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Ethnic And Racial Inequalities In The Justice System

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Ethnic and Racial Inequalities in the Justice System

There are many ethnic differences in each stage of the justice system. In order to be able to prove these it is important to break the system down, and evaluate it bit by bit, showing the possible signs of ethnic differences.

Firstly Policing, Philips and Bowling (2007) have noted that in the 1970’s there have been many accusations of oppressive policing if minority ethnic communities. These have included mass stop and search operations, police violence and failure to respond to racist violence.

It has been known that members of ethnic minority groups are more likely to be stopped and searched by the police. Police are able to use this “power” if they have “reasonable suspicion”. Compared to white people, black people are seven times more likely to be stopped and searched, and Asian people are over twice as likely. All under the Terrorism Act (2000) police can stop and search persons or vehicles whether or not the have reasonable suspicion. Statistics for 2006/07 show that Asians were over three times more likely to be stopped and searched under the Terrorism Act. That is why members of ethnic minority groups were less likely to think that police acted politely when stopping them or they were stopped fairly.

There are three reasons for the disproportionate use of stop and search against members of minority ethnic groups. Firstly Police Racism; the Macpherson Report (1999), on the investigation of the murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence, concluded that there was institutional racism within the Met.Police. Other people have also found there to be excessive racist attitudes among...

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