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Ethnography is the study that facilitates the understanding of social interactions, behaviors and perceptions of individuals that are social, economic, and cultural in nature. Ethnographers study various aspects that present social connotations within diverse groups of people, teams, institutions, and societies. Its aim is to foster effective provision of credible information and insights pertaining to people’s views actions including nature (Kuper, 2006, p. 1). This paper gives credible information about ethnographer’s relevance in aiding the understanding of diverse social issues that confront most people in the societies presently.
The social issue captured is based on a selected community in the US where social issues have become prevalence. Indeed, the nation is facing several social issues that include the matter about gay rights, gun control, capital punishment, environmental pollution among others (Totten & Pedersen, 2012, p. 465). The social issue adopted for discussion in this paper is the matter pertaining to gun control that has been very divisive in the nation. The debate about gun control remains a great social issue since it elicits mixed reactions. There are those who think that gun control policy should not be imposed citing that is bounds to against the fundamental human rights, while some think that gun control policy is due, and should have been implemented many years back. The issue about gun control is the matter upon which the ethnographic report would shed light on exclusively.
Attitude towards the social problem and other underlying aspects
As noted, the issue about the introduction of gun control policy in the US remains a credible social matter due to its divisive nature. There are those who support the imposition of gun policy on the basis that the use of guns in the nation has not been under ethical ideals as expected. They cite that most individuals are using the guns that are provided under the law effectively. Some individuals misuse the gun possession rights as evident in the recent killings for instance the one where a school-going child was killed with no proper reason. However, some people oppose the policy citing that it is the right of the citizens to ensure adequate protection. They hold that the policy should not apply as it is bound to infringe of the citizens basic rights (Totten & Pedersen, 2012, p. 468).
In my perspective and attitude, I think the introduction of gun control policy is a good idea whose time has come. This is evident since it will facilitate the prevalence of sanity in the nation that operates under strong democratic ideals. Gun control should be encouraged at all cost as it holds the capacity of eliminating social insanity. The existing similarities with the group to be put under study is that we are all US citizens who believe in respect to humanity, life, and rights, however, we differ on the moral aspect and the extent to which the use of guns should be allowed. I do...

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