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Etiquette Day Essay

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“Nothing is less important than which fork you use. Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is honor, Emily Post," (, 1) This is what you need to remember when you decide to enter a formal setting, like a wedding or a fancy dinner. You can’t just go to a formal setting acting like you do at home, casual and unaware. Most people don’t know how to act in this type of situation. At one point or another, you will learn how to act at formal situations, but many learn how at an older age rather than at a younger age. I bet you are thinking about how kids learn about etiquette. Well that is what etiquette day is for, for us at least. Etiquette day is a day for us seventh graders to learn what to do in a formal situation, in this case, a nice, fancy dinner(or lunch). Etiquette day was first brought up in Hilmar Middle School after a group of people from ...view middle of the document...

Even though dancing with a girl or escorting a girl isn’t bad at all, I still have never done anything like this at all. Although all of this is true, the minute we started etiquette day in the gym, I felt great and I had a lot of fun. Etiquette day starts out when you escort a young lady to a table. Everyone looked very extravagant and everyone just looked their finest. I thought that tables were very creative. Every table was unique and some were better than others(in my opinion, our table was the best). You wait a little bit until your first course comes in, the salad course. This is where the problems start. First of all, the food was not the best. It was very tasteless and dry. The wasn’t exactly dry, but the dressing tasted awful. They even messed up mashed potatoes, HOW DO YOU MESS UP MASHED POTATOES. Now, I do believe that this helps us to act professional when eating bad food and not gagging. However, they didn’t purposely make bad food, so that is no excuse. The rest of the courses aren’t anything special. I still think it is really cool how you get to sit with your friends in a setting like this. Normally, you would be with your annoying family and it would be boring. After eating horrible food, everybody gets in the middle of the gym to dance. Even though dancing is really lively and fun, they barely gave you any room to dance so it was really hard to enjoy it. Even though that may be true, it was still really fun. The real problem was that there were a handful of jerks who would push and be obnoxious. It ruined the experience a little bit. Another complication was that there were professional dancers who tried to teach us two new dances. While I do think this is pretty cool, they didn’t do the best job of explaining the dance and it ended up being a waste of time.
Despite all its flaws, I thought etiquette day was a fun experience and it did a good enough job of teaching us seventh graders American etiquette. Regardless of the horrible food and the crowded “dance floor”, etiquette day is still something anyone can enjoy. I feel no matter how bad it can be, just go in with a good attitude, you will have fun. If you go in to etiquette day with a good attitude, you will have fun.

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