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The Importance Of Etruscan Sarcophagi Essay

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Etruscan art and culture plays a major role in the Roman society due to the power and command it once held over the Romans. The Etruscans were a strong network of city-states that ruled over Rome for more than a century during the Hellenistic period. These people, influenced by the culture of the Greeks, kept the same belief and value system present in that of Greek mythology. Greek ideals facilitated the style and the art that Etruscans produced and this is apparent in the visual language of structures, artwork, and early organization of the Roman state that the Etruscans established. During the Etruscan rule, acculturation between Romans and the Etruscan society occurred. This mixing of language, sharing of knowledge, religious ideas, art styles, and social organization are what influenced the early Roman society. This is about the Etruscan funerary techniques and how the Romans acquired, copied, and reapplied these methods of style to define their own societal meaning. Even though the Etruscans were overthrown soon after they occupied Rome, their influence is a major factor in how the Romans developed ideas and meaning within their own society
Through the means of commemorating and remembering those of prestige and importance, tombs and sarcophagi are produced of these individuals. This funerary manner and distinctive burial practice was initiated Etruscan culture and it developed through the means of cremation and inhumation in earns. The concept of placing the remains of individuals in elaborate, thought out spaces was a valuable attribute of these people. The Etruscan objective of creating the best possible outcome in the afterlife dictated the way in which individuals ornamented and became portrayed in their tombs. Present in the “Sarcophagus and lid with Husband and Wife” is a scene of two lovers embracing, created out of a huge stone paneled box. Right away the visual language expresses the significance of two people and the prestige they must have had. The figurative tradition of lovers together, carved into the lid of the sarcophagus is an artistic and cultural achievement of the Etruscans. They ornamented this particular sarcophagus with influences of the Greeks and representations of animals that were meaningful to their society. Etruscans designed tombs and through methods of creating sarcophagi, cinerary earns, and art forms were able to signify ones social status and role in society.
Ornamented with scenes of mythology, life, death, and things that they generally cared about, tombs were sacred spaces designed extensively and luxuriously. Romans took this idea and expanded upon it. By introducing new technology and expertise, they generated sarcophagi that embodied the pure Roman ideal. This can be scene in the explicit imagery used to specify or reference imperial triumph or military things. Using drills and new fashioning methods they stylized and generated a variety of sarcophagi. By applying animals, myths, gods, and a sense...

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