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Eudora Welty Essay

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Feminism can be defined as a social idea that men and women should both have equal rights. The topic of feminism has been debated for many years. Throughout the early 1900's, the Women's Rights Movement was one of the largest social movements in the United States. Eudora Welty was born in 1909, right around the time where women's rights were being debated the most. Welty grew up in Mississippi, a common setting in many of her short stories. She was a smart girl who enjoyed reading and writing. Welty was also an artistic soul who enjoyed painting, photography and drawing. Eudora Welty started her career as a writer early on in her life. After attending college to receive a degree in literature, she worked for various newspapers and radio stations. As time progressed, Eudora started writing larger pieces of work. Many of her works were published, including her very popular short stories. Many of Eudora Welty's famous short stories contain strong examples of character and feminism.
Welty focused many of her stories on the different varieties of people. A lot of the characters that she created were very unique. For example, in her short story Lily Daw and the Three Ladies, Welty created a main character who is mentally disabled. (1) In The Petrified Man, Welty includes references to people in a traveling freak show. (5) The characters that Eudora Welty comes up with really seem to make the readers think. Of course, not all of her characters are out of the ordinary. Many of the people that she puts into her stories are average people, but their personalities add great depth to the writings.
Eudora Welty writes with feeling and her “emphasis is on varying combinations of theme, character, and style.” (Kincheloe). The way she writes is very expressive. For instance, in Lily Daw and the Three Ladies, Welty shares details with us like, “The paintless frame house with all the weather vanes was three stories high in places and had yellow and violet stained-glass windows in front and gingerbread around the porch.” (Welty 3). Another great example of detail appears in Eudora's story, Petrified Man when she writes, “Mrs. Fletcher gladly reached over to the lavender shelf under the lavender-framed mirror, shook a hair net loose from the clasp of the patent-leather bag, and slapped her hand down quickly on a powder puff which burst out when the purse was opened.” (Welty 1) Eudora Welty makes a point to create imagery within her stories, seemingly so that the readers may enjoy her stories to the fullest extent. “Symbolism and imagery appear frequently in Welty’s stories.” (Kincheloe) Her writing style captures readers and shows them a creative perspective on her stories.
A lot of Eudora Welty's stories contain female protagonists, each character being different in their own way. A variety of women characters range from gossipers to lovers to the mentally ill. All of the women however, are special to the plot and they seem to fit into the stories...

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539 words - 2 pages . Each and every person has their own paths to follow with their own hurdles to overcome.Works CitedButterworth, Nancy K. "The Critics." Eudora Welty: A Study of the Short Fiction. Ed. Gordon Weaver, et al. New York: Twayne, 1997: 225-234.Heller, Terry. "A WORN PATH." Masterplots II: Short Story Series. Vol. 6. Ed. Frank N. Magill. Pasadena: Salem, 1986: 2713-2715.Welty, Eudora. "A Worn Path." Perrine's Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense. 7th ed. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace, 1998: 437-443.

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