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Eugene Grandet Quote Style Analysis

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Chapter One:I. "This face revealed a dangerous cunning, a calculated integrity, the egoism of a man accustomed to limit his emotions to the joys of avarice and the only being who really meant anything to him, his daughter Eugenie, his sole heiress."II. "For a farm girl who in her youth had reaped nothing but ill treatment, for a beggar in rags given shelter out of charity, Old Grandet's equivocal laugh was a genuine ray of sunshine. Moreover Nanon's simple heart, her limited intelligence, had room for one emotion and one idea at a time."Chapter Two:I. "Now if you would understand the mutual surprise of the Saumurois and the young Parisian, and visualize perfectly the radiant gleam cast by the traveler's elegance into the midst of the gray shadows of the hall and of the figures composing this family picture, try and imagine what the Cruchots looked like."II. "She gave him one of those flirtatious glances typical; of the provinces, where the women express in their eyes so much coyness and circumspection that they impart to them that delicate concupiscence peculiar to those of ecclesiastical foe whom any pleasure is either a theft or a transgression."Chapter Three:I. "He gave Eugenie a bright, caressing glance full of kindness, a glance which was almost a smile. He became aware, as his eyes lingered on Eugenie, of the exquisite harmony of the features on her pure countenance, of her innocent manner, of the limpid magic in her eyes,I. The arrangement of words in the beginning is narrowed on describing Monsieur Grandet. The tone of Balzac is amused. There are frequent pauses in the sentence. Figurative language is also used to increase the impact of the description. Monsieur Grandet is characterized as clever and down to earth.II. The tone is sympathetic. There is a good selection of diction, such as sunshine, which stress what the author means. There is a bit of imagery, which gives a picture of how Nanon started. She is portrayed as a simple lady.I. The sentence starts suddenly; it almost feels like an interruption in the story. The tone is seemingly excited. The excellent diction such as, a radiant gleam, make you feel that Charles in the midst of them is like a pure angel in a small dungeon. The imagery makes the reader fell this incident takes place in a cold, wet, and dark place.II. The syntax is perfectly fit to give the reader the impression Balzac wants to give of Madame Grassiness. The diction of the passage describes the point; with only those specially chosen words the message is given to the reader. There is an allusion at the end of the passage which, clarifies connotationI. The whole passage describes traits of Eugenie; she is characterized as an innocent anxious girl. There is some figurative language, which directly tells what the author is saying. The syntax uniformly displays the traits of Eugenie in an eloquent way.where young love sparkled and where desire was unconscious of passion."II. "The dim hopes which had begun to spring up...

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