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Eureka, Pro Legalization Of Marijuana May Lead To The New American Gold Rush!

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The legalization of marijuana will have a profound, positive impact on the national economy and our government could generate and save billions. Our countries present spiraling economy is attacking us like a flesh-eating virus. The time has come for us to declare war on this life threatening aliment as we would any other terminal illness.

Declaration of War:
Marijuana Pro-legislation is the declaration of war on this nation's current economic plight. This battle begins with the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, and then moves in to full fight for legal overall use. The Pro-Movement with its mighty merciless onslaught has conquered and taken each state by storm. This war will not be won until full legalization for public use and the freedom to grow marijuana legally achieved for the entire nation. Time to reap the spoils; with this war won, we can save our nation's economy.
You may have noticed in the media that the movement to legalize marijuana is rapidly building support across the country, along with growing opposition. Several states either already have or are considering legislation to decriminalize marijuana. Medical marijuana legalized in 14 states and the District of Columbia. The state of California like our entire nation held captive by a massive budget deficit. California has helped alleviated its own economic crisis with legalized marijuana for medical purposes. California is considering legalizing marijuana for general use. Current polls show that nearly 60% of California residents favor this proposal. (Green, 2010)

(Aberration, 2010)

The Combat Zone:
Legalization to combat our current economic crisis or is it a pretext to new economic woes?

Opposition: There are many arguments in resistance to legalizing marijuana for monetary gain. One such case is that it will generate significant lost revenues for industries. Some of these include lawyers defending marijuana possession cases, drug testing industry and the drug counseling industry. Others who stand to lose revenues if marijuana permitted is police, prison guards, and others who make their living oppressing the Pro Marijuana Movement culture and its people.
Response: Yes it is true that some companies with a dependency on marijuana being illegal will lose profits, and some jobs lost many new employment opportunities and business nationwide created. With legalization, our court system will no longer be tied up with marijuana possession cases, less need of law enforcement, and a less people in prison will generate additional tax savings. We could stimulate additional economic growth by placing this money back in to the tax payer's pocket. The new marijuana taxation will generate billions of dollars. This money could be utilized to stimulate job growth through tax incentive programs.
Opposition: Legalized marijuana for the general public would not go according to plan the door will be open wider for more criminals that seek to...

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