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Eurodisney Essay

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Disney theme parks is a concept that has become highly successful in the U.S. market, and recently in Tokyo, by delivering a unique product: fun. By respecting the core values of the founder, they have turned the idea of making people happy into a profitable business.The issue we have identified in the euro Disney case is one of culture, and whether this concept is exportable across international boundaries. Thus the problem becomes, how to introduce a concept to a new market, and, furthermore, how to export an entire corporate culture, and build it in the work force. But to introduce the subject, it is important first to asses the decision of developing a Disney theme park in Europe."Nothing is left to chance at Disney theme parks". Thorough analysis of market opportunities were conducted by Disney before taking on this ambitious project. First, the concept of theme park is very profitable, contributing 71% of Walt Disney attractions revenue. In the U.S. an increase of the number of visitors each year was recorded, including two million European customers. Moreover, a very influencing factor in the making of this decision, was the tremendous success of the Tokyo Disneyland, where attendance exceeded 10 million of visitors each year.The decision to build in France, as opposed to the other option, Spain, was centrality in the European continent, where factors of accessibility were preponderant. A.D.L. had also been consulted to study the numbers and turned in a positive analysis, predicting more than 11 million customers the first year. The French government was highly supportive, and population surveys reported that 85% had a welcoming view about the idea.The numbers presented a very optimistic perspective. However, other information was inadequately interpreted. For instance, weather factors were downplayed, and the results at Tokyo Disneyland were thought to prove the international appeal, where it only supported that it was possible. Furthermore, there were certain cultural factors that needed more attention. These shall be discussed further in this paperOverall, our assessment is that it was a poorly made decision.The Issue of CultureSeveral cultural issues arose as the project was developed, which challenged Disney's very identity. For example, there was tension as to how American or how European Euro Disney should be. On one hand, Disney attempted to imbue the park with European flavor (characters had their roots in European mythology, and this was emphasised in their presentation) and the names of certain attractions were changed in order to be less American. Yet Fitzpatrick was quoted saying "we are who we are", implying certain inflexibility as to how much change there would be. Evidently, a balanced integration of American and European ingredients wasn't achieved, and this in turned caused a kind of identity crisis.The cultural issue ran as deep as eating habits such as Europeans not being accustomed to eating meals off hours and...

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