Europe's Leading Telecom Companies: Overstretched And Under Threat (Case Study 15.2, Richard Lynch, Pages 534 – 537)

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IndexPage 2IntroductionPage 3Question 1Page 4Question 2Page 10Question 3Page 13ConclusionPage 18BibliographyPage 19DeclarationPage 20IntroductionFirstly of the two main strategies prescriptive and emergent the question arises as to which in most relevant in the fast paced world of corporate telecom. The author will attempt to explain the intricacies of these strategies as applied in this particular environment. This debate is relevant in many of todays fast pace tech based corporations.Secondly the author will frame the application of each of these strategies while investigating why the telecom environment is so fast paced and bewildering to many top executives. The "best fit of each strategy will be examined and the weaknesses exposed. The environment in which these cooperates move will be examined and the role of strategy in this fast pace environment will be examined and tested as to whether it has relevance.Lastly the author will offer comment on the relevance or application of both the prescriptive and the emergent stratagem.Question 1.Given the lower levels of market growth, coupled with the grip of the existing telcoms on their national markets, what are the advantages and problems with adopting the classic prescriptive strategy process to develop strategies in this market?Every mans work shall be made manifest. - 1Corinthians 111 13 -In order to discuss the advantages and problems of adopting the classic prescriptive strategy it is necessary to define the strategy and then to dissect the strengths and weakness' of that strategy with reference to the case study in question.A prescriptive corporate strategy is one where the objective has been defined in advance and the main elements have been developed before the strategy commences. However, it should be noted that there are many variations on this basic approach (Lynch, 2006 p16).Figure 1(Lynch, 2006, p39)1.The DisadvantagesSome major difficulties with the prescriptive strategic process (Lynch, 2006, p41) are discussed in Lynch whereby he quotes Mintzberg as having identified six major assumptions of the prescriptive process that may be wholly or partially false:1.1 The future can be predicted accurately enough to make rational discussion and choice realistic.As soon as a competitor or a government does something unexpected, however, the whole process may be invalidated.In the telecoms industry, standards of networks are ever changing and thus it is a given that the near future can only be predicted. The best example of this is the short life span that Edge had as an industry standard as 3G, (Third Generation Cellular) G3.5 and G3.99 are now toted as the road ahead.1.2It is possible and better to forgo the short-term benefit in order to obtain long-term good.This may be incorrect: it may not be possible to determine the long-term good and, even if it is, those involved may not be willing to make the sacrifice, such as jobs or investment.In the telecoms industry upgrade pathing is followed...

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