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Europe: 1600 1700s Essay

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In the many different types of the pirates back in the late 1600’s and the 1700’s, there were a lot of different things that the pirates could do they have their own pirate code. It was not universal but each of the different ships could wrote up different codes for their crew members who would have to follow them. In the code, it could be anything from when the lights went out to what the crew member’s job was for the day. When they were back they were unlike our current navy and merchant ships the pirates were all democratic. When they got a new captain, he could be voted in or out. But also there were the different things of which you can than tell if the crew wants to attack a ship or not.
These were some of the rules the pirates had.
1. That whoever deserts the ship Terrible, within the time herein-under-mentioned, shall forfeit his prize-money to the owners and company, to enable them to procure others in their room.
2. All and everyone on board does covenant and agree to serve on board the said ship Terrible the term of six months, beginning at the said ship's departure from the Downs.
3. That it shall be entirely in the captain's power to cruise where he shall esteem most beneficial to the interest of the owners' and ship's company. In some, it is to cruise where the managers, and, in others, where the owners, shall direct.
There are also many different types of pirates such as buccaneers, privateers, and Barbary corsair. Most of the time the buccaneers were around the Caribbean island and throughout most of northern South America and southern most of North America. When they came they live around Port Royal and Tortuga. They got the name from the boucans as the backwoodsmen used to smoke meat. They were hired by island governors to attack Spanish ships but eventually it grew to where they were lawless and uncontrollable. Their clothes were often made from animal skin and often had blood stains and smelled like smoke.
Privateers were the pirates who sailed during war. They received letters from the marquee government allowing them to attack enemy ships during times of war if they were to bring back some of the prize to the government. Most of the time, they were turned back to piracy and were dismissed.
The Barbary corsair were the pirates with the short sympathy, That when if they didn’t get the pirates paid fast enough, the captives were sold into slavery or got put to the oars. They roamed the Mediterranean for hundreds of years and ventured into the Atlantic. They were along the coast of North Africa and passing ships had to pay the corsairs. In the 1700’s Holland ,France , and England were able to trade freely because of their strong navies. Stephen Decatur stole a corsair ship and set it alight by the next year, Trioli agreed to let all of the American ships sail freely.
Most of the time pirate ships were cramped and you had no privacy. In the time there was always steering the ship and someone else was on guard. Everything...

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