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European Imperialism In The Americas Essay

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SURYAPALAM 1The Affect of Spanish Imperialism on the Incans of PeruManish SuryapalamMr. HorstmannPeriod 5Table of Contents

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Purpose of InvestigationThe topic for this research paper is the treatment of the Inca in Peru. The research question that I will be answering is "How did Spanish Imperialism affect the Incas in Peru from 1525 to 1605?" For this research I will be able to use many resources, such as Google Scholar, Jstor, Gale, and Ebsco. I also have three textbooks at home that I may be able to use, an online book, and a primary source on this subject. In addition, I have a prior knowledge on this subject based on my experience from the previous quarter.Summary of EvidenceThe Inca society of Peru that was imperialized by Spain experienced numerous changes to its society between 1526 and 1605.To start, the Incan population experienced a rapid decline. In the year 1525, the year before the Spanish Conquest of the Incas started, the population of Incas was fifty eight times the population of the Incas at the end of Spanish Conquest.[1: James P. Stobaugh, American History: Observations & Assessments from Early Settlement to Today, Student ed., vol. 2, American History (Green Forest, Arkansas: New Leaf Publishing, 2012), pg. #14.]This loss was partly due to "Encomiendas or Mit'a". Encomiendas or Mit'as were forced labor systems created by the Spanish that required Incas to mine and refine silver. To refine silver required mercury, and since large amounts of silver needed to be refined, there was also a large probability that the Incas would come into contact with mercury. The harmful effects of mercury known at the time included the shakes, teeth falling out, drooling, and death.[2: Pedro De Cieza De Léon, "Primary Sources," Pearson Prentice Hall:, May 19, 2013, paragraph one, accessed November 18, 2013,][3: Eric R. Harris, "Daily Life in the Inca Empire," World History in Contest, October 12, 2014, Words to Know, accessed October 23, 2013, doi:GALE|CX3424400022.][4: The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation: Crash Course World History #25, dir. John Green, prod. Stan Muller and Danica Johnson, by Raoul Meyer, adapt. Stan Muller, Tim Barrett, Donna Sink, Brian McCutcheon, and Gary Sanchez, screenplay by Jason Wiedner, Susanna Brusikiewicz, Jonathon Corbiere, Allan Levy, James Tuer, and Adam Winnik, perf. John Green, YouTube: Crash Course, July 12, 2012, accessed October 28, 2013,]This loss was also due to numerous massacres. For example, when Pizarro landed on the shores of Thubes, on May 13, 1532, he killed 50,000 Incas and their leader, Atahualpa with a cannon. In this way, Spain massacred hundreds of thousands...

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