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IMPACT OF EUROPEAN SETTLEMENTON INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS 50000 years ago Aborigines arrived and lived in Australia. In 1788 the British arrived in Australia and had a big impact on Indigenous Australians. The Europeans took their land and brought diseases that killed Aboriginal people. There also had a big conflict between Europeans and Aboriginal people.Aboriginal people live in Australia for 50000 years and they have their own culture and lifestyle before European came to Australia. They made fire in the trees and then kangaroos run to the area without trees. Aboriginal people killed them with spear and boomerang. Women got most of the food in Aboriginal society, such as small animals and plants to eat. They made big fish traps with rocks in ...view middle of the document...

In 1788 British came to Australia and British settle looked down on the Aboriginal people as primitive natives, who were racially inferior and people whose backwardness had to be overcome in order to develop the land along European lines. Some Europeans thought the Aboriginal people were animals. This can be seen in the quote from the Australian Newspaper in 1838, "I look on the blacks as a set of monkeys, and the sooner they are exterminated from the face of the earth the better."The relationship between Aboriginal people and Europeans is violent conflict and can't be peaceful. In 'Poor harmless natives' what drew by Dr.Doyle in Australia, the Aboriginal people wanted to kill the Europeans by spears. In 'Bulla Queensland' what drew by William Oswald Hodgkinson in 1861, the Europeans used gun to shoot down the Aboriginal people. Consequently they wanted to kill each other and they haven't got peace. This terrible relationship also can be seen in 'The Myall Creek Massacre, 1838'. A group with 11 convicts and one free man arrived at Myall Creek and killed a lot of Aboriginal people. They were captured and hanged. Much of the white population was outraged at what had happened and they thought it doesn't matter to kill Aborigines. When the settlers arrived in Australia they brought with them a number of European epidemic diseases and the result of European settlement, Aboriginal people lost their land and lost their culture and identity. Aboriginal people were powerless to protect their own land.European settlement had a big impact on Aborigines. Aborigines had their own life style before European settlement, but this conflict changed it. Europeans looked down and killed Aborigines. They brought diseases to Aborigines and the Aborigines lost their land.

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