European Settlements And The Decline Of Indian Power In America

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European Settlements and the Decline of Indian Power in America

What today is the state of Virginia used to be Native American lands. The Indians claim that God had given them the right to own and settle those lands. The problem as we have seen in class is the Europeans such as the Spanish and English came and took over the Native American land in the name of the King and /or Queen. They invaded their territory, and destroyed their culture, all in the name of conquest. What I intend to show is how these problems developed for the English from the years of 1607 to 1644.

Kirkpatrick Sale in his book Conquest of Paradise says that the English were just carrying out the Columbian legacy with the same brutality toward the Native American population. The main goal of the English as well as the Spanish was to settle large chunks of land and have military control over a backward (as they saw it) society. By 1610 the enemy for the English was the natives, or as they called them savages, and their mission was to take them prisioner and make them slaves. It even says in the charter granted to the colonists in 1607. "Which may by the Providence of Almighty God, hereafter tend to the glory of his divine majesty, in propagfting of the Christian religon to such people as yet live in darkness and miserable ignorance of all true knowledge and worship of God and may in time bring the infidels and savages living in those parts to human civility and to settled and quiet government (Warner 38). Plus if the natives became hostile they felt that it w as their right to take their corn while in return giving them useless things of no pratical value, such as beads, compasses, and looking glasses. The English felt that in time the Indians would come to respect them. It wasn't until their final defeat in 1646 that left the Indians as a secondary culture, with their land, food and culture taken by what some might think as militaristic Europeans.

How this all came about was 1. as I already mentioned the conversion of the Indians and 2. to gain a foothold into North America as the Spanish had who were in search of gold and great wealth. But their primary reason was the planting of tobacco because it was introduced to the English economy by Sir Walter Raleigh who explored the lands called Virginia in 1585, and it could be a profitable crop to the English.

The charter was granted to the colonists on April 10, 1606 which establish the London Company which was to rule over the new colony which they called Virginia after Elizabeth the virgin Queen of England. The colonists were, Thomas Gates, George Sommers, Richard Hackluyt, Edward Wingfield, Thomas Harkin, and residents of London, Bristol Exeter, and Plymouth. They were granted a council which was to have a superior council in England governing over them. And they were to have all the rights and privledges of English subjects. They set sail in early April of 1607. Their first sight of land occured on April 26,...

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