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European Sport Systems And American Sport Systems

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Reed Faulk
Mrs. Draper
English IV
February 11, 2014
Why The United States Should Adopt European Sports Systems
Today, the United States has a seemingly very solid and undoubtedly functional sports system for multiple sports like the NBA for basketball & the NFL for football, etc. Sports are the biggest entertainment for the American people and have been on top for as long as most of us can remember. Everyone watches sports, from children who dream to become top athletes and idolize the greatest players our leagues have ever known to adults who gather for parties around the television and religiously attend games cross country to show their support. Sports is a big deal in the United States and because of this, you’d think that someone would have looked at the way the Europeans are stringing their leagues together through various systems and think to themselves, “Maybe we should integrate some of these systems into our sports over here”. Europeans run things much differently than we do and I believe that we could learn a lot from them and benefit greatly if we would pick up on some of their systems in the future.
Promotion and Relegation is a very simple and sensible way of controlling the skill level of leagues and has been used by Europe in various sports since they began playing them. In this system, teams either advance or become relegated (dropped down to the league under their current one). For example, the bottom three teams in League A at the end of the season will drop down to League B while the top three teams of League B will be promoted into League A. This system provides a much more competitive environment because it keeps all teams motivated to win their games whether they're on the top or the bottom due to fear of relegation for lower ranked teams. It also motivates teams of lower leagues to perform as best they can because of the chance they have of advancing into the top league with each passing season. It not only keeps teams interested in the competition but it keeps fans interested as well as they continue to support their team regardless of how they play. This system allows teams to work their way through the ranks from the bottom up as many of today’s top teams in Europe have done for example Napoli is near the top of Italy’s top league today but about ten years ago they had fallen to the lower league due to relegation for poor performance. Promotion and Relegation matches teams up with competition that isn’t far from their skill level unless they’ve just been promoted from a bottom league in which case they still have a great chance of bettering their club by playing with the bigger clubs.
Transfers are used in Europe to buy and sell players from other clubs around the world between seasons. The transfer window is the period during the year in which a football club can transfer players from other countries into their playing staff. Such a transfer is completed by registering the player into the new club through FIFA....

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