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In the past, African slaves and European immigrants coming to America suffered many hardships along the way. Transoceanic travel at that time was both dangerous and exceedingly difficult. Though they both came across the same ocean, the conditions they experienced were remarkably different. Whether you came over as a slave in the hold of a cargo ship, or as a poor European in steerage, there were many obstacles you had to surmount. Both Africans and Europeans could not escape the horrors on board the journeying ships. They were both crammed into small, constricted places on the ship, although the Europeans did have a bit more room than the Africans. Both groups were given hardly edible food, which often resulted in malady after its consumption. These maladies consisted of scurvy, dysentery, and cancer. Other diseases such as seasickness, boils, and constipation also ran rampant in the filthy holds of the ship. Whippings were not uncommon and were given frequently to ensure obedience on the ships. If anyone were to die during the voyage from disease or a severe whipping perhaps, those who ran the ship merely tossed the deceased over the side "as they would have done a brute." Although there were many similarities between the European and African voyages, some aspects remained different. There were just as many differences as there were similarities in the journey to America between Europeans and Africans. The main difference was that the Africans were involuntarily forced into a life of servitude while for the...

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