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Europeans Encounter With Indigenous Americans And Africans

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How wonderful would it be to make atrocious things and be able to demonstrate those actions were meant to be? Unfortunately for the modern world, there are rules and consequences that prevent people from doing what they want. During the Medieval time, some regions in the Eastern Hemisphere were determined to get control of the so-called ‘New World’ regardless the measurements taken. Because the New World was full of natural resources that Europeans desperately wanted, indigenous Americans, in the Western Hemisphere, and Africans were the most affected ones by European’s desire to have it all. Massacres, separations of family, selling ‘individuals’, inhumane working conditions in plantations, ...view middle of the document...

Another description of indigenous Americans from Diaz is that Montezuma was a liar because he assured Spanish that there was no gold in the America’s as they thought it would be (Reilly, 50). As mentioned in class, it is easy for a person that does not have primary experience with a new concept to believe anything that they can from a person they trust or have experienced. The Europeans’ encounter with the indigenous Americans is nothing like Bernal Diaz, Theodore de Bry or Albert Eckhout described in their document and portrays. It was important to the conquistadores to let people know in the old world that in America cannibalism was the main thing for Indians. That way they can justify their actions by taking over the Americas while killing anyone that they wanted. Theodore de Bry or Albert Eckhout made portrays that showed Indians eating human’s body parts, killing themselves and cooking the mutilated.
Indians had a hard time dealing with Europeans in the Americas. According to the Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico, the first thing the conquistadors did was imprisoned Montezuma causing fear within the Indians. “When the Spaniard entered the Royal House, they Placed Motecuhzoma under guard and kept him under their vigilance”(Reilly, 57). Adding to that quote, it is thought that Europeans were waiting for a great moment to end with most of the Indians at once. That can be confirmed by the attacked at the Aztec’s Fiesta; after the Aztecs took a long time preparing for their fiesta to worship their beliefs, and making an statue, the conquistadors destroyed all during the ritual. It is said that the Spaniards close the gateways, entrances or anything that would give access to the Indians to scape in order for them to get rid of the Indians. The document also described that Spaniards cut off the Indians arms, heads and throw it across the floor (Reilly, 60). Mexico was not the only place where Europeans treat Indians as animals or even worst. According to Bartolomo de las Casas, in la Hispaniola, Europeans took babies away from their mother and threw then into the river while saying “ Boil there, you offspring of the devil” (Reilly, 63). But that was not all, before throwing the infant to the river; they pinched their heads and let the parents go after they kid by letting them all drowned. How can a man do such a horrible thing to a child? Was there a reason why Indies was treated that way? Europeans direct contact with indigenous Americans was based on killing and having fun. Las Casas also mentioned on this document that the Spaniard made bets to see who was better at splitting a man into two with one stroke. As one can see, Christians Spaniards did not hesitated to kill Indies in la Hispaniola or any other region in the Americas. Another reason why Europeans were more severe in America than in other regions they have been is that in the Americas, especially in la Hispaniola, Indians were burned alive. The question would now why...

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