Euthanasia: Should Be Illegal In All 50 States

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Today, there is a large debate over the situation and consequences of euthanasia. Euthanasia is the act of ending a human’s life by lethal injection or the stoppage of medication, or medical treatment. It has been denied by most of today’s population and is illegal in the fifty states of the United States. Usually, those who undergo this treatment have a disease or an “unbearable” pain somewhere in the body or the mind. Since there are ways, other than ending life, to stop pain caused by illness or depression, euthanasia is immoral, a disgrace to humanity, according to the Hippocratic Oath, and should be illegal throughout the United States.
Instead of turning to death as an option, patients should realize that there are other ways to stop pain caused by illness or depression. For example, palliative care is available in today’s society. Palliative care is a medical specialty based solely on pain and is very advanced in today’s technology. If the patients that requested euthanasia were to undergo this treatment, they would not feel pain, or as much as they normally would, and the pain would be more tolerable (O’Steen). Also, in most situations, the longing for death or suicidal death, which was revealed to be clinical depression, can be treated by medicine and sympathetic counseling (Bonin).
In the eyes of Christians, euthanasia is immoral, especially to the Schindler family. Their daughter Terry Schiavo was a victim of euthanasia. She had been diagnosed with hypoxic encephalopathy when she was twenty-six years of age. She became a human vegetable, a person who lacks the ability to move or think correctly, and as a result, tubes were used to feed and keep her alive. Her husband filed a case to withdraw the tubes. Terry’s family, besides her husband, and pro-life groups fought against him in court. On March 31, 2005, Terry died from going more than 13 days without food or water under order of Florida, Circuit Court Judge George W. Green. Terry’s family did not want her to die, and requested for her tubes to be reinserted, but the law had won over their word. She may have never wanted to die, but she did not have the ability to say anything; her life was taken from her just because of another human’s order. After her death, she became an icon for those who are against euthanasia (Nightgale Alliance).
Furthermore, euthanasia is a disgrace to humanity. An individual person or group shouldn’t decide how, when, and if another person should die. The act of ending someone’s life just because another decided that the individual’s life gives no worth to the person or to society is unjust. That is simply the person’s opinion, and their opinion shouldn’t end a precious human life. Usually, people with disabilities who request euthanasia, do so because of how others treat them, not because of their actual disability. If we were to respect those with disabilities, that would remove hardships, not death. Another reason why euthanasia is wrong is that a...

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