Euthanasia A Controversial And Of Risky Practice

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Euthanasia is a huge problem in the world today. There are many different controversies on the subject and many different ideas from people and the government. Euthanasia is often referred to as physician-assisted suicide ("Euthanasia") or mercy killing (""). Euthanasia is referred to as the right of terminally ill people to end their suffering with a quick and dignified death ("Euthanasia"). Euthanasia can be seen as essential, profitable, or just plain unacceptable to the world but should it be legal in the United States? Should all countries allow euthanasia to be legal for the sake of the many terminally ill people?
There are very few countries and states that have allowed euthanasia to be legalized. The countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg have allowed voluntary euthanasia to become legal but only three states in the United States have allowed this. Washington, Montana and Oregon practice euthanasia whenever a patient asks for it. The Oregon Death with Dignity Act made it legal for residents to request lethal injection from a licensed doctor ("").
There are four different types of euthanasia that can be practiced by doctors. The first is what is called voluntary euthanasia. Voluntary euthanasia is performed with the permission of the person whose life is taken. Voluntary euthanasia is typically performed only when the person is suffering from a terminal illness and is in a great deal of pain. Voluntary can be done by the patient with help from the doctor ("").
Another type of euthanasia is involuntary euthanasia. This means that euthanasia is performed without the permission of the person. This kind of euthanasia is only used when criminal execution is needed. Many people in prisons that are on death row are given lethal injections to end their lives. Many states have allowed this practice to be legal but the procedure is slowly dying out with the protests of people all of the United States. Criminal execution is the only legal form of euthanasia in many states ("").
Within these two types of euthanasia there are two very different methods that can be used. The first is passive. Passive euthanasia can be performed by terminating a medication that is keeping a patient alive or by not performing a life-saving procedure. This is a very safe procedure but can cause the patient a great deal of pain due to the loss of medication. The other type is active. This involves administering a lethal drug into the patient’s system or ending their life in another way physically. The active method is what most doctors would use in order to help the patient die in a non-painful way ("").
Many people around the world have their own beliefs on what they believe is right. There are a lot of different opinions about euthanasia that have to do with religion, personal experiences, and personal beliefs about life. These beliefs can simply be separated between people who are for euthanasia...

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