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Euthanasia A Controversial Topic Essay

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Euthanasia is a permanent solution to a long term problem. Offering euthanasia to patients who are near death is a controversial topic with a plethora of opinions. Supporters of euthanasia say that it is justified as long as the patient gives permission. Euthanasia is not justifiable due to the ethical and legal issues, the disoriented state of mind of euthanized patients, and religious beliefs that condemn euthanasia.
A British physician, Lord Platt of Cambridge, said that a majority of doctors are hesitant to administer the actual euthanization. Another British physician, Lord Brock of London, has made the argument that if euthanasia was legal, the government would have to assume the role ...view middle of the document...

Many physicians do not want the act of assisted murder on their conscious (“Euthanasia” 229-230). The act of Euthanasia brings on a plethora of legal and ethical issues that doctors want to stay away from.
An argument against euthanasia is that patients who agree to euthanasia are not in the right state of mind. These patients are often under terrible mental conditions with a serious illness that affects their brain processes. The effect of all the medications this patient is taking seriously impairs and clouds the patient’s judgment and could lead the patient to make questionable decisions, such as ending their life through euthanasia (BBC). Professor J.M. Hinton of London says it’s extremely problematic to know whether a patient truly desires euthanasia or not. Because of all the medication and all the mental distress the patient is going through, the patient would change their minds often (“Euthanasia” 229-230). Often, a patient may feel depressed due to the medication he is receiving. This patient may choose to get euthanized because he feels that things are worse than they truly are due to his depressive feelings. Also, a patient goes through high and low points when it comes to pain from certain illnesses. In many cases, a patient is more prone to accept euthanasia during one of the high points of pain even though the pain will (usually) go back down to a low point (BBC). A cancer patient states that “The way I feel today, I am not considering requesting euthanasia. But if I get pain and become really ill, I could consider it” (Johansen 4). In another case, a cancer patient said she also wished for euthanasia during her “unbearable” pain (Johansen 4). This same patient said “when the pain is alleviated, then I want to live a little bit longer” (Johansen 4). This goes to show that a patient taking heavy medications and undergoing heavy stages of pain may feel the need to accept euthanasia even though they might not be in the right state of mind. In many cases, after coming off of these...

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