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Running head: EUTHANASIA ALTERNATIVES Euthanasia Alternatives There is much controversy surrounding the issue of euthanasia in our society today. Many doctors and nurses are being asked by their terminally ill patients and their patients' families to end their suffering, therefore, purposefully ending their life. Although euthanasia is not legalized anywhere in the United States, health care providers are going through with the patient's or family's requests (Clay, 1997). Some argue that euthanasia should be permitted and that it may be the best approach to solving a given individual's problem. Others agree with it under certain circumstances and specific certain qualities that the patients must possess, such as being in a hopeless condition or being unable to make sound decisions. Lastly, there is a group who strongly oppose euthanasia, arguing that life should not be taken away or given up on, purposefully and that there is always another path to take; there are many other ways to turn besides ending life. Although the majority of the public supports the death under certain circumstances approach (Asch, 1996), euthanasia should not be legalized and following through with it should be stopped. No matter what the circumstances, an individual's life should not be purposefully taken away or given up on by a health care provider, as there is always an alternate approach.When terminally ill patients are considering death, they should consider all of their options. There is almost always another alternate measure to death that is somehow hidden. Richman (1995) talks about "tunnel vision," or the way that a patient's other choices or thoughts are absent because that patient's focus is solely on the suicide and not on any other alternatives. One of the first things to do is to open the lines of communication (Clay, 1997). By doing this, patients can sort out their problems and concerns. These problems can be talked about with a psychologist or therapist, who can help the patient considerably. Terminally ill patients who are suicidal may also be depressed and therefore, a pharmacological aspect of care can be taken to treat or alleviate the depression (Clay, 1997). Patients who take this approach may no longer think about death and are thankful that no one answered their wish to die.Another and probably the most important alternative approach to euthanasia is providing palliative care to the patient in need. This approach focuses on many aspects of the patient's life besides just the medical issues and assures that the remainder of the terminal patient's life is as comfortable and meaningful as possible (Kutscher, 1983). Health care providers provide this type of care. Their focus is to alleviate the many stresses experienced by the patient and family during the end stages of life, including emotional, spiritual and social ones. They also assure, throughout the dying process and the final stages of life, that the patient's dignity is kept...

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908 words - 4 pages well considered, they are completely informed of their situation, there are no reasonable alternatives, their suffering is unbearable and hopeless, a different doctor was consulted, and the method is appropriate. Also, it is necessary that the patient meet with a psychiatrist or psychologist if there is a possibility of mental instability or depression before the act of euthanasia is carried out. This way, any euthanasia request that was based

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1569 words - 6 pages alternatives to euthanasia. According to Dr. Kubler -Ross, the dying process has five (5) stages; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Many valuable lessons are learned during each of these stages. To end life early, by means of euthanasia, robs a person of these lessons, such as, understanding the meaning of one's life, resolving old disputes, mending relationships and fully appreciating all the good things that have been a

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1881 words - 8 pages alternatives for relieving the patient's suffering that are acceptable to the patient.Procedural Guidelines(e) Euthanasia may be performed only by a physician (though a nurse may assist the physician).(f) The physician must consult with a second physician whose judgment can be expected to be independent.(g) The physician must exercise due care in reviewing and verifying the patient's condition as well as in performing the euthanasia procedure itself

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1572 words - 6 pages . Euthanasia is most prominent though in the Netherlands. There are certain guidelines, which allow only doctors to perform the act to end a patient’s life and not be prosecuted. The guidelines are that the patient must have full information, and the decision to die must be voluntary and enduring, the patient must be experiencing unbearable suffering, all alternatives acceptable to the patient for relieving the suffering have been tried, and the

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1131 words - 5 pages not influenced by depression or acting irrationally, and that the decision is completely their own. They must be educated on all alternatives to euthanasia such as pain control, hospice and in home care options. Lastly they must wait fifteen days to make sure they do not want to change their mind. I believe these conditions will help to weed out any chances of abuse, adding to this further is the next rebuttal point. My response or rebuttal to the

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2570 words - 10 pages , have the ability to rescind the verbal and written requests at any time, have the ability to self-administer the medicine, have six months or fewer to live, be informed of and understand the alternatives, and notify next-of-kin of decision (“The Facts About Death with Dignity”, 2). In its first ten years, 341 people were recorded using the Death With Dignity Act (Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization, 4). The Oregon Department of Human

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