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Euthanasia: Crime Or Mercy? Essay

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Murder? Mercy killing? Or rather an immoral act? These problems have generated an ethical issue that has created chaos all around the world. This is known as euthanasia which has been defined as a practice that has as goal to intentionally end someone’s life by injecting them substances in order to end their suffering.
Euthanasia is one of the most provocative and talked about issues in the media today. It is morally unacceptable considering it could easily end up into a slippery slope and cause chaos between the doctors, their terminally ill patients and their family members. No human shall have the right to determine whether or not a person should be euthanized which is why it is morally unacceptable.

This case study will talk about Wim Disetelmans, a Belgian doctor who has taken care of dozens of euthanasia cases in the past years. He is practising in Belgium, Brussels and has created a name for himself. He is known as the most “famous” doctor that has ever dealt with euthanasia cases according Graeme Hamilton form the National Post. Many of his patients suffered from incurables diseases, but others may have taken the easy way out by requesting euthanasia to end their lives. One of the most popular cases was about Nathan Verhelst, 44, who was born as Nancy and decided to put an end his life because he affirmed that he was “not happy with the changes”. He also said that he could not bear to watch himself in the mirror because he was feeling reluctant with his new look. He was becoming a monster and he did not want to live like that anymore because he was becoming depressive and could not bear to suffer anymore. Many affirmed that he had no right to give lethal injections to patients that suffered from incurable diseases. Dr. Disetelmans came to a point where the dangers of euthanasia revealed themselves. He has come to a point where injecting people became some sort of routine. On the other side, some Belgians considered Dr. Disetelmans as a hero because they thought that he knew the pain people felt when diagnosed with terminally ill diseases and he was only doing a moral act by putting an end to their pain. People such as Dr. Disetelmans have caused an increase in euthanasia cases in the past years. For example, since 2003, an increase of 1,197 cases of euthanasia were performed until 2012 (CITATION...

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