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Euthanasia Is A Step In The Right Direction 10 A Persuasive Essay

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The Passing of the Victorian Assisted Dying Bill – Persuasive Writing Practice
The Victorian Assisted Dying Bill grants terminally ill patients the opportunity to die with dignity rather than forcing them to live with misery. Recently, it has been legalised in the state and the law will commence from 2019. This has provoked many people to bring back the topic of Euthanasia (the painless killing of patients suffering from an incurable disease) and fight against it. Opponents argue that Euthanasia weakens the respect for the sanctity of life and erases compassion within the society. Yet, what they are failing to understand is that Euthanasia only saves the importance of self-respect and endorse humanity within the community.
Euthanasia does not shorten life span. Many have the assumption that it may shorten the life expectancy of incurable patients as they might possibly have an unanticipated recovery. However, statistics do not support that theory. According to patient’s rights council, a 1991 Dutch report shows that in 86% of cases, euthanasia only shortened patient’s lives by a maximum of a week and a few hours. This is a clear indication that patients trapped from unbearable distress used euthanasia to escape. Though, this doesn’t mean that miracle recoveries don’t occur but statistically, it is very rare.
Euthanasia has been illegally happening around the world for many years already. Several argue that this law will influence doctors to kill patients who they struggle to preserve but what they are not aware of is that doctors have already been ending the lives of the terminally ill without their consent. In 2005, a research by England shows that 0.4% of euthanasia procedures were carried out without the patient’s permission. Moreover, according to abc news, in 2012, a Britain study discovered that 57,000 patients each year die without knowing that doctors weren’t trying to save them anymore. Although this is...

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