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Euthanasia Legalized Murder? Essay

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Euthanasia legalized murder?
Euthanasia is legalized murder. A legal framework wherein a person’s life can be terminated with or without his consent is legalized murder. Euthanasia is that legal framework.
In the US, a person or his family has to pay the medical bills by themselves. In a scenario where the person doesn’t want to be a burden on his family who has limited resources, he can ask to euthanize himself. This is the same as asking a hit man to shoot you so that your family doesn’t have to go through paying your debt. Asking a hit man to kill you is in any circumstance a murder committed by the hit man. Euthanasia is the same as a hit man killing you, but in this case it is the ...view middle of the document...

If a homeless guy who is in pain and cannot think, goes to a hospital. If that person doesn’t have any relatives or family member, the doctor may ease his pains by euthanizing him. This gives doctors a right to kill him. This can be dangerous since there can be a possibility that the person has a desire to live more.
Euthanasia in most cases happens when the person suffers from a terminal illness with unbearable pain and on his consent, the doctors are allowed to pull the plug on him. In simple context, you are allowing a doctor to take your life. Right to live is one of the most fundamental human right. If someone including you tries to violate that you are infringes that human right. Anything that violates human rights is illegal. Euthanasia is a legal schema that disregards this fundamental human right. Therefore it should be illegal.
Euthanasia supporter’s claim that euthanasia can used by terminally ill people who are close to death. It is used to relieve pain for a person who is in pain and cannot bear the suffering for long. In a case where a kid is born without hands, legs, eyes and nose his parents think there is nothing that can be done to make his life better. Euthanasia alleviate their parents and the kid from the pain he has to go through growing up.
It is morally...

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