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Euthanasia is defined as 'a painlesskilling,espacially to end a painful andincurable disease;mercy killing'. Therighteousness of this act is being debatedin several countries throughout theworld,and Canada is no exception.Euthanasisamust not be accepted for religious,legal andmedical reasons,as alternatives to such adramatic end.To begin,the law,both civil andreligious,forbid killing. Individuals areprosecuted in courts of law for committingmurder. An example of this is the case ofRobert Latimer. Although he claimed to havemercifully ended the life of his daughterwho suffered from an extreme case ofcerebral palsy,he was convicted of murder inthe second digree. The courts were obligedto find him guilty as he broke the law bytaking the life of another human being.Robert Latimer took it upon himself todecide that his daughter would never lead afull life. Tracy Latimer was never given anopportunity for success, as her life wastaken. A not guilty verdict would have toldpeople that parents of disabled childrencan perform both voluntary euthanasia ontheir children. In theUnitedStates,euthanasia was voted on for thefirst time in the state of Washington.Although polls before the vote revealedstrong support for it,the ballot wasdefeated by fifty-four to forty-sixpercent,and euthanasia remainsillegal in Noth America. In addition toviolating civil law,euthanasia alsocontradicts the laws of many religions ofthe world. It is God who controlls life anddeath. Man will take this responsibilityif euthanasia is permitted. It is statedin the ten commandments,'Do not commitmurder'. Murder can take many forms,one ofwhich is suicide,the taking of one's ownlife. This is forbidden by the Christianreligion. There is a picture on my grand-mothers wall which stated that'human life isnot merely the possession of the one whobears it. It is an inherited gift,assuch,has meaning not only for oneself butfor those who bestowed it,those who haveshared it and those who will follow'. Thisis an unselfish Christian attitude whichstates that life not only belong to the onewho leads it,but also to the friends andfamily of the person,both past,present and future. Therefor,euthanasia does not serve a purpose within asociety where murder is wrong ,bothlegally and religiously.In addition,active euthanasia,iflegalized will say OK to practicinginvoluntary euthanasia. Presently,there ismuch research being done concerning the needfor euthanasia and its effects. Over time,the care and caution exercised in makingdicisions exercised in making decisions asto who should receive euthanasia maybecome sloppy. According to Daniel Callaham,director of Hastings House,a medicial ethicscenter in New York:'The slippery alopeargument against euthanasia has always beenthat once you start voluntary euthanasia,you are likely to gravitate towardsinvoluntary euthanasia. starts in the handsof a few very cautious,responsible people,but when it becomes a mass phenomenon,don'tcount on the same high standards'. In...

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