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Euthanasia: Murder Or Mercy? Essay

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Our modern day society has been recurrently challenged on many topics that have been deemed as “moralistically impacting.” It is accepted today that a problem cannot be solved in modern day society unless adequate proof is offered to manipulate the stalwart beliefs of many individuals in a way as to reach an impasse amongst two opposing parties. Euthanasia happens to be a topic that has been debated extensively for the larger part of the twenty-first century (Larue). Even the definition of euthanasia evokes mixed emotions: the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy (Merriam-Webster). The struggle over whether euthanasia should be accepted as a common practice is majorly stimulated by multiple cultures that tend to consider how many of their viewpoints come into question when determining where they stand on the issue (Larue). Either way, both parties cannot argue with the obvious actuality that an individual that adopts the option of “opting out” dies indefinitely. The burden and conviction associated with taking one’s life is often too much for an individual to take. Under closer observation, euthanasia has three main issues that cause it to be more detrimental than beneficial. Problems with euthanasia include its violation of ethics, its disagreement with the law system, and the moralistic and religious values that conflict with its practice (Larue).
Many of the principles associated with euthanasia conflict with ethical beliefs of our modern day society. Three big questions come to mind when discussing the ethical issues of euthanasia. The first question is “Is it ever right to end the life of an ill person who is experiencing excruciating pain and suffering?” (Ethics guide BBC) This question strikes many people as fatiguing to ponder. After all, a life is a life. If an individual takes a life, it is not uncommon for feelings of remorse to be experienced. These feelings affect not only the individual who commits the deed, but also the family of the euthanized patient (Impact). Once a family member has been euthanized, it generally leaves the family with a sense of overwhelming guilt. A thought to consider: the members of the euthanized individual are responsible for that patient (Pollard). This concept usually becomes a major problem for members of the family after the death of their loved one; members of the family sometimes wonder if the patient made the correct decision, or if something might have changed to where the individual could have been healed of their ailment (). Even worse, the next question also does not have a debatable medium: What circumstances can allow euthanasia to be considered justifiable (Ethics Guide BBC)? Many consider euthanasia to be a practical option if a patient is considered "terminally" ill, but what exactly is the definition of "terminally", in this case? Definitions vary (Arguments). These broad...

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