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Euthanasia Should Be Made Legal. Essay

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(title)"If I could choose between a death of torture and one that is simple and easy, why should I not have the right to select the latter?" These are the lines of famous Euthanasia critic, Seneca.If you had to choose between a death of torture and one of peace and ease, wouldn't you rather select the more pleasant death? Shouldn't you be entitled to picking your own death? Shouldn't you be in control of yourself? Isn't that what living in a democratic society is all about?Today I want to talk to you about Physician Assisted Voluntary Euthanasia and why it should be made legal.The word Euthanasia literally means a good death or one of dignity. So Physician Assisted Voluntary Euthanasia is when a competent, informed person asks a physician's assistance in ending their life and is not coerced into doing so. From now on, I'll refer to Physician Assisted Voluntary Euthanasia as Euthanasia for ease.There are three main factors that are concerned with euthanasia, and these will be my three main arguments. They are; Individual rights, medical ethics and religious ethics. I will persuade you as to why euthanasia should be made legal and why we should ignore these ethics.I'd like to start on Individual rights, but before that, let's discuss fate. Fate is when an individual has no control over unforeseen happenings where it is possible, that is future is already decided for you. I don't know if this is true or not, but I know I don't want it that way. I don't like the idea of someone else being in control of my life, deciding what's best for me and what's not. Shouldn't we have that power? Shouldn't we be in charge of ourselves, take our destinies into our own hands?We should be trusted with making decisions about our own lives. We didn't choose to be born, but it should be our privilege in a democratic society to decide how we enjoy it and have the right to end it peacefully under physically painful circumstances where even doctors fail. Why should a patient be forced to live if they think their present life has degenerated beyond the point of meaningless, when doctors can't find a remedy but only provide palliative care? And what if the pain has become unbearable? At this point, if the person is conscious, should have the option of dying peacefully, even if they need a doctor's assistance in doing it so to make it peaceful.In any humane or humanistic view of what is good, it is morally wrong to compel hopelessly suffering or irreversibly debilitated patients to stay alive when death is voluntarily elected.Speaking of doctors, this brings me to my second point, why doctors' assistance should be legalised. The doctors' help is vital as they make the death peaceful and painless. But some euthanasia opponents argue that there is some treatment available for patients with extreme cases. But the remedies in nearly all cases are either palliative, which is not a remedy, or one that causes extreme pain. As Christian Barnard at the World euthanasia conference...

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