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Eva's Decision Essay

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Picture this: the typical old, small town. With cobblestone roads and a well in the middle. The houses lined the town square; all of them used to be cute little cottages, but now were worn down with time and love. When looking at this town it was like going back in time, to a fairytale. The village was so small, and everyone knew each other, when new people moved in it was the perfect opportunity for the smell of baked goods to fill the air and the sounds of introductions to travel down the streets.
As in any small town, there lived a little girl whose future just seemed too big to fit in. From the age of three, Eva’s parents knew she was meant for big things. Her little body tore up the house in a flurry much like a tornado. Her long hair would flow behind her as she did spins and jumps, trying to catch up with her as she ran.
While her mother yelled at her to sit down for the fifth time that morning, she wondered what she could ever find for Eva to do in this tiny little town. Something needed to keep her preoccupied, but the town offered very little, and all the people knew what an exhaustion Eva could be. Eva’s mom had to look for more options.
Her first dance class was only a week later. The drive there felt like hours, and she bounced in her car seat, eagerly anticipating what was to come. She had on her new pretty leotard, and a nice pink skirt, and she was ready to go. The studio was beautiful, a ginormous, open space for her to play in. In the corner sat a bunch of white contraptions, standing at about her height but going for a few feet. She had no idea what they were, but they were definitely interesting. But the most wondrous part was the huge wall she faced as she walked in, covered in mirrors. It was amazing.
Eva loved every minute of dance that day, and as she sat through dinner she chattered on and on about her first class. She told her parents of the white contraptions, bars, that she practiced her plies at. She demonstrated for them, jumping up from the table and bending her knees. She told them “You have to be sure to keep your back straight, and not to stick out your butt” as she bent over, demonstrating what not to do. It took her almost twice as long to eat that night, and after she finished she yawned a big yawn and walked slowly up to bed. When her mom finished cleaning up and went to tuck her in, Eva was already fast asleep, exhausted by the day’s work.

As time went on Eva’s love for dance continued. In a few years she started school, but with age came more dance classes too, so as books filed into her room, so did new dance shoes. She grew to be a beautiful dancer, with leaps showing her long legs and pointed toes replacing her clumsy jumps, and beautiful double and triple turns supplementing her out of balance spins.
Eva also a very good student though, throwing her peers and parents into shock. She was such a beautiful dancer; none of them expected her to be smart too. Even with her feet...

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