Evaluate Demands On Changes In Managing People Across International Borders As A Consequence Of Changing Workplace Environments

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As we can know that nowadays many people like to develop their business to the author country, no matter “small or medium business they also will like to develop to other country” (Winch and Bianchi, 2006, p. 74). For today build a business is not that hard but managing people is very hard because without managing people they will don’t know what job or work they need to do, so the manager need to manage them. If the company develops business to other country they need to have some trusted partner and find some good workers to help them do the business. Managing people is the most important to every company.

If the company is decide to build another business on the other country, it could suggest that they can use the same managing people in the country to manage people in the other country. If the A company got their way to manage people then they need to use the same way to manage the people on the B company. They need to know who actually the work with. Company wanted to have a good managing people they need to keep communication with the employee, know more about them and the most important is need to trusted them so they will work hard with the company (Tram and O’Hara 2006). For example: A manager wanted to manage the employee he need to talk more to them and to know more about them like what they usually do or what he or she like to do so that the staff will know that the manager is good to them then they will work with the company. Even if the staff is doing anything wrong the manager can use another way to talk to them but not scolding them, need to make them more confidence to work in this company.

It might assume that if the new manager is coming to the company he or she needs to know the strengths and weaknesses of all the staff or employee. So that the manager will know how to manage the employee who are good and who are not good. According to Reh (2013) http://management.about.com every company have their own goals, so if the company want to achieve their goals the manager need to manage the employee to...

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