Evaluate How Techniques Of Rationalisation Aim To Increase Efficiency And Control In Organisations Foundations Of Marketing And Organisation Essay

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Assessment Title: Evaluate how techniques of rationalisation aim to increase efficiency and control in organisations. Apply these techniques to a specific area of work activity at Junction Hotel, explaining how they would be applied in practice, and evaluating their potential impact on the hotel and on the workers. Compare and contrast the rationalisation perspective with insights from ONE of the following topic areas:
· The social organisation (Hawthorne Studies/Groups and Teams)
· Psychological perspectives (Personality/Motivation)
· Knowledge and learning
· Organisational culture
· Organisational change
· Leadership, power and politics
· Globalisation
· Service and leisure industries
· Corporate social responsibility
Rationalisation in an organisation is used, in is most simple form, so that maximum efficiency is achieved while costs are kept low. In this essay I aim to show the key features of rationalisation and how they can be used within an organisation to increase control and efficiency. I will also highlight features of bureaucracy and a structural approach to work design, as well as how a company can implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement in order to gain a good ethical position.
The main features of a rationalized organisation are put in place to ensure that an organization’s goals are achieved in the most technically efficient manner, by including logical, systematic and scientific design aspects. (King and Lawley, 2013) These main features include, but are not limited to; a hierarchical structure, policies put in place to ensure control and record keeping within an organisation. (King and Lawley, 2013) A hierarchical structure is issued within an organisation to show a well formed, clear representation of the flow of management, which lets all employees know both who and what they are responsible for. As well as this, the policies and procedures that an organisation presents to employees ensures a sense of managerial control. Finally, keeping a record has proven to be efficient in making sure that everyone and everything in an organisation is accounted for, so nothing slips through gaps and the organisation can be efficient and successfully managed. These features ensure that efficiency and control are gained by making the organisation more mechanized. Morgan (2006) stated that a rational organization is a network of parts, and life is mechanistic. This would suggest that these parts would have to work together quickly and with ease so that the organization could run precisely, with a degree of repetition to maximise efficiency.
However as well as rationalisation, there are a number of other perspectives that can be adopted. I will be looking at CSR as a comparison for rationalisation. CSR is the ethical and sustainable statement that an organisation has in place in order to control the impact that the company has on society.
There are many theories to support a...

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