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Evaluate Interpersonal And Written Communication Skills

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Role Plays
I have also demonstrated my interpersonal skills well while presenting role plays in class such as engaging with the audience while I was showing my role plays by using eye contact while I was performing however I did not use hand gestures like I did in my presentation.
In the role plays that I performed in class I did not use all the interpersonal skills as I did in my presentation because some were not necessary such as summarising and paraphrasing because there was nothing to summarise and there was nothing that I had to change into my own words, however there was some interpersonal skills that I should have demonstrated and need to improve such as intonation because I struggle to vary the tone of my voice and this is something I need to improve on the next time I’m presenting a presentation or performing a role play in class.
In general in everyday life I demonstrate some interpersonal skills well such as active engagement because when people are talking to me I show that I am listening to them by doing things such as nodding when a person says something I agree with or to show that I have understood what they are saying, also in everyday life I have good use of intonation which is important so that people know how you are feeling. Also in everyday life I think I am good at engaging with the person who I am talking to because I use eye contact. In everyday life I think that people are able to understand me because I do not speak too fast or too slow.
Also in everyday life there are many interpersonal skills which I do not demonstrate at all or that I do not demonstrate well such as when I am talking I do not use hand gestures and also I do not demonstrate good body language because sometimes I do not stand up straight. There are some interpersonal skills that I have never demonstrated before such as signing because I have do not come into contact who have hearing problems in my everyday life, also it is not necessary for me to lip read when I am talking to people because I do not have any hearing problems.
Written Techniques
P1 Report
In my report for P1 I demonstrated a variety of written techniques well such as I structured my report in the correct format such as by having a contents page, front cover but also by structuring the content of the report in paragraphs so that it was easy for the reader to follow. Also I had spelt all my words correctly and I had made sure that I had spelt all my works correctly by using the spell check function in Microsoft word. I also used the correct grammar I made sure that I did this by proof reading my work to make sure that I used standard English and also to make sure I did not miss any words out, while proofreading I also I had to make sure that I used the correct punctuation but also capitalisation.
In my P1 report I did not demonstrate some written techniques because they were not suitable such as emoticons I do not think that emoticons were suitable because the report was a...

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