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Evaluate The Organisation’s Use And Selection Of Tactical Campaign Elements Of The Promotional Mix As Part Of Its Integrated Marketing Communications

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Guinness, as one of the largest stout brands in Irelands well as the whole world, is a brand which contains not only strong Irish heritage but also a long history of more than 250 years of managing its own brand. (, 2013) Best known globally for the Guinness World Record from 20 Century (, 2013) it has not stopped moving forward and has maintained its leadership in the more competitive age. The successes of its marketing implements show in every aspect of its integrated strategies in the promotional mix, such as advertisements, public relations, sales promotion and so on(Palmar, 2012:420-461)). The sponsorship of English rugby premiership, the successful use of new technologies such as Facebook, You tube and other social media (, 2013), and the themed activities linking in St. Patricks Day (Matt, 2011) are some of the examples. One of the most successful and typical examples is the Guinness Storehouse from the year 2000(, 2013), which is one of the top tourist destinations in Dublin, Ireland. In this essay, how Guinness conducts those marketing activities about Storehouse, and why the series of Storehouse activities succeeded in building the Guinness brand synergistically and effectively will be discussed. Since Guinness Storehouse is such a successful and ingenious case, in this essay, it will be not only be analysed as a case of public relations, but also as a separate experiential marketing strategy.

Experiential marketing, according to Schmitt and other researchers, is a kind of direct interaction between a brand and individual customer. (Schmitt, 1999). In the case of Storehouse, then consumers will be more apt to internalize the marketing message and the core value (Urde, 2003:1017-1040) of Guinness – inner strength, power, and goodness.

Storehouse is not the first visitor centre of Guinness. It has an old one named Hopstore, which was built in the 1980s, however, when it had to struggle to cope with more than double the number of visitors it was originally designed for, the thought about to design a new visitor centre. (Storehouse, 2013) Then in the year of 2000, ‘the Guinness Storehouse, was built

‘combines visitor attraction, brand experience, training centre, company archive, bars, restaurants, and gallery space with its walls. In business terms, it encompasses branding, tourism, and a cross-functional marketing strategy.’ (Rich, 2004:32)

According to it has already become the number one visitor attraction as the home, heart and soul of Guinness. (Storehouse, 2013)

Guinness Storehouse has the highest bar in Dublin which shows an uninterrupted 360º panoramic views across Dublin City and its hinterland (Storehouse, 2013). Just like the panoramic views Storehouse shows, it gives panoramic views of public relations and their brand strategies. Almost all the advantages public relations have can be seen in the case study of Storehouse, such as lobbying,...

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