Evaluate The Role Of Operations Management In Achieving International And Global Success, For A Service (Not Product) Based Organisation Of Your Choic

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An operations manager assumes an imperative part in guaranteeing that the regular operations of a business run smoothly. The main responsibilities of an operations manager range from supervising the employees, to working with them to improve customer service (Job is Job). Enterprise Rent A Car was founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor in St Louis, USA. Starting off, Enterprise Rent A Car had only seven cars, but the small dealership developed into what is today one of the world’s leading car rental companies with over 8,000 offices worldwide and a fleet of over 850,000 cars (Enterprise Rent A Car). Enterprise Rent A Car is a service business that caters to a wide range of customers. Enterprise Rent A Car ’s customers include businesses, ‘who may require regular car rentals for their staff or visitors, as well as individual customers, who may want to hire a car when they are on holiday or if their own vehicle has been involved in an accident’ (The Times 100). When considering the continuous success of Enterprise Rent A Car over the years, it is only fair to give credit to the operation managers who implement the latest and most innovative concepts and ideas that the car rental industry has to offer. This paper will focus on the role of operations management at Enterprise Rent A Car and the international success of the franchise with regard to communication strategies, customer service, and management styles.

Effective communication is a primary aspect to the global success of Enterprise Rent A Car. Enterprise Rent A Car have a number of key messages that include: ‘communicating the brand values and culture, informing customers or potential customers about the company and its services, for example, its unique pickup service, communicating company news, procedures and processes to employees, and creating awareness of the career opportunities available at enterprise’ (The Times 100). Enterprise Rent A Car’s challenge is the assurance that the best methods are being used to communicate these messages. When examining the internal and external communication methods of Enterprise Rent A Car, it is exhibited that even a simple reminder email will go through multichannel marketing; ‘the practice of interacting with customers and employees using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels’ (SAS). This challenge is eliminated with the hard work and vigilance of operation managers, who truly oversee that every step in maximizing the effectiveness of Enterprise Rent A Car’s communication strategies is taken with precaution.

Enterprise Rent A Car views itself to be in the business of customer satisfaction, which ‘is a characteristic that it shares in common with every successful service company, large or small’ (Enterprise Rent A Car). The purpose of a service business is to meet customer needs by providing a valued service; this is Enterprise Rent A Car’s aim. With a commitment to delivering high standards and exceeding customer expectations,...

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