Evaluate The Role Of The Media In Tourist Decision Making.

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Assignment Title:Evaluate the role of the media in tourist decision-making.Abstract:In evaluation of the role of the media in tourist decision-making, the concepts of tourism destination image, image formation and destination decision-making are utilised to expatiate with the author's personal experience as an assistant example. The exemplification links the different concepts together sequentially.Word Count: 1182This essay evaluates the role of the media in tourist decision-making. It believes that the media contributes the images which are the interface between the tourist and the destination. Whilst, it also emphasises that media-provided images increase tourists' awareness and create motivation in tourist decision-making progress. Key tourism components of destination image, image formation and destination decision-making are presented to support the notions. To reinforce, the media selected to exemplify the conceptual areas is the film Eight Below (2006), based in Antarctica, which sequentially links the concepts together. Through the example indicated, it is believed that films-produced images enhance tourism opportunities.Destination image is defined by Hall (2003:105) as 'an evaluation based on perceptions'. As it is known, certain perceptions may be established by tourists prior to their travelling. The perceptions are formed through destination-associated general images, specific images for destinations, and individual driven travel attributes. (Hall, 2003:105) Arrebola (1994 cited in Gallarza, 2001:5) clarifies that image is a mental representation of attributes and benefits sought of an entity. In other words, according to Hall (2003:106-107), not only expectations can be engendered upon certain images, but also impacts exist in tourist destination selection.Due to the effects of images on prospective markets (Hall, 2003:110), media as a pervasive and invasive part of culture, provides images as the interface between the tourist and the destination and has significant influence on tourist decision making. To be specific, motion picture films become an increasingly important source of image in contemporary world. According to Riley and Van Doren (1998:919), films offer places with organic information and pictures and more substantially, induce audiences to travel in person to the locations where they were filmed.In the first place, what is shown on the screen is more motivational and thus, can further enhance the awareness of the filmed location, background culture or even a particular film icon. (Hall, 2003:111) To exemplify, when the film Eight Below launched, the stark beauty of Antarctica, and the personalities of the sled dogs and humans went deep into people's mind. Audiences have been expected to perceive the unwonted experience and the special environment in Antarctica with specific images. These all relate to particular film icons (Riley et al 1998 cited in Hall, 2003: 111) - natural scenery, storylines and themes, symbolic...

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