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Evaluate The Website Dhmo Essay

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In the assignment, evaluate the website, students are to critic the site for authenticity. When conducting such a task, one should proceed with caution because there are many false or bias sites on the World Wide Web. As a student of higher education, it is sensible to view all sites with a cautious mindset.
Today, anyone can create a website and market an idea or product with anonymity. There are no laws that require a person to be licensed or hold a credential to promote a product or idea. This has created a colossal problem. The problem has become one of sifting through a mass of advertising material and vanity publications in order to find information of high quality (Smith, 1997).
Johns Hopkins University and other higher learning institutions have come up with ways to recognize the validity of a website. It is a five step of validation and “three may be investigated by electronic means: Authorship, ...view middle of the document...

The second one is Publishing Body. In this part, a person is judging the official nature or professionalism of the particular website. This is the first impression that the website gives to the researcher. You want to see if the site is affiliated with other scholarly sites to give it credence. Can you send messages to the site Webmaster (John Hopkins, 2013)? The website DHMO does not have links to scholarly sites. Their data is not conferred by other scholars. If you attempt to contact the Webmaster, you will see this statement, “Due to the high volume of email we receive, we may not be able to reply to every letter. However, we do read them all” (DHMO, 2014).
The last means of electronic verification is Currency (of the document itself). During this step, you want to find out if the information is current or old. Many times, researchers are looking for the most current information to cite in their projects. Also, the researcher wants to know if there a “bibliography or reference page” (Johns Hopkins, 2013). This will show that the author validated his work with other scholarly sources. A search of DMHO shows that there is no reference page or links to other scholarly works.
It is the opinion of the writer that DHMO is not a valid site for any scholarly sources. It has not passed the rudimentary test set by Johns Hopkins or Cornell University. It is my opinion that research should be performed in academic environments. As there have been changes in technology for information collection, storage and distribution, it has become easier for the student to find reputable sources to cite for research projects (Rowe, 1996). As a student prepares papers or projects, it is extremely important that they use sources that are valid. Recognizing the validity of a website is vital in order to perform at college level requirements. Without understanding what is necessary for a valid site to contain, one could be easily fooled into believing anything that someone with a computer chooses to post. With new websites materializing every day, it can become a temptation to use phony sites without knowing it. No one should consider something as valid just because they find it posted on the World Wide Web.

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