Evaluating An Enthalpy Change That Can Not Be Measured Directly

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Chemistry Experiment.Dr. Watson.Evaluating An Enthalpy Change That CannotBe Measured Directly.Introduction.We were told that sodium hydrogencarbonate decomposes on heating to give sodiumcarbonate, water and carbon dioxide as shown in the equation below:-2NaHCO3(s)--------> Na2CO3 (s) + H2O (l) + CO2 (g) = DeltaH1This was given as deltaH1 and we had to calculate as part of the experiment.This however cannot be measured directly, but can be found using the enthalpychanges from two other reactions. These being that of sodium hydrogencarbonate andhydrochloric acid and also sodium carbonate and hydrochloric acid.We were given a list of instructions in how to carry out the experiment, which aregiven later.List of Apparatus Used.1 x 500ml Beaker.1 x Thermometer(-10 to 50oC).1 x Polystyrene Cup.1 x Weighing Balance.1 x Weighing Bottle.10 grams of Sodium Hydrogencarbonate.10 grams of Sodium Carbonate.A bottle of 2 molar HCL.Diagram.Method.Three grams of sodium hydrogen carbonate was weighted out accurately using aweighting bottle and a balance. Then thirty centimetres cubed of 2 molar HCL wasmeasured using a measuring cylinder. The acid was then placed into the polystyrenecup and its temperature was taken and recorded using the thermometer. The pre-weighted sodium hydrogencarbonate was then added to the solution, and the finaltemperature was recorded.The contents of the cup were then emptied out and the cup was washed out withwater and then thoroughly dried. This was done three times for the sodium hydrogencarbonate so that I could remove any anomalies that were obtained.The experiment was then repeated in exactly the same manner except sodiumcarbonate was used instead of sodium hydrogen carbonate.The results were then tabulated, this table is shown below.Results Table.Results Table for Sodium Hydrogencarbonate.Results Table for Sodium Carbonate.Calculations.From these results I had to calculate deltaH2 and deltaH3. DeltaH2 refers to theenthalpy change when...

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