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Evaluating Change And Management Of Organizational Change At A&B Smart Industries

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In today’s fast growing global business environment, change is needed to keep up with competition, for innovation of products and services, for meeting global needs in business. The Group choose A&B smart industries
to discuss and evaluate change and issues and most importantly management of organizational change.

Research Objective:
-To identify the issue of organizational change
-How OCM strategy will facilitate the company
-Appropriate recommendation on how management could improve their response to the opportunities and threats associated with organizational change.

Company Background: A&B smart industries established in 1998, it is the only screw rivet producer in Bangladesh. It is a manufacturing company making fasteners screws nails rivets clams etc

Fasteners are screws, bolts rivets, nuts, washers, and pins etc. These are needed to assemble doors vehicle, machine, equipments even toys. From the most complicated space missile to simple children’s toys. Fasteners are usually needed in large quantities. Because fasteners are highly standardized and are used in such incredible numbers, the markets for these are getting highly industrialized. Fastening industries are flourishing very fast in Bangladesh, one of the flourishing fastening industries is A&B Smart industry, and it is trying to keep up with competitors. Their biggest competitors are Chinese companies which used to export fasteners to Bangladesh. At this competitive environment A&B smart industries seeking a organizational change to innovate and reinvent the system.

Organizational Change

What is organization change?
Organization change is when businesses makes needed changes or modifies or innovates in order to keep up with competition or to improve the whole system. Change is also caused by internal and external forces.

Issues of Organizational change:

Employee resistance: Resistance can be because the employees find the path of change flawed, which is a good as the change may actually be flawed. Management may discuss with employees to gather different prospective and more in-depth knowledge of change
External or Internal Issues: Government rules/regulations, inflation change in price, economical changes are external uses, internal issues are issues within the organization for example the readiness of change can be a issue.

Types of Changes:

Strategic: Changing the goal or mission statement of the. The primary approach, products or the whole strategy may be changed.

Structural: When structure is redesigned (can be due to external forces).This may involve the positions, goals, management systems. Changes in how an organization is managed fall under structural.
Process‐oriented: Is when there are changes in tasks. Organizations may need to redesign processes for optimum efficiency and output. Example: Implementing Laser scanning at checkpoint (new task).

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