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Evaluating Computer Professionals For Raises And Promotions

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- -Evaluating Computer Professionals for Raises and PromotionsEvaluating Computer Professionals for Raises and PromotionsBackground of Evaluations of ProfessionalsSince the industrial revolution, all levels of management have used performance evaluations and performance reviews as standards for determining the productiveness of employees. This has been true for every type of job, from manual labor positions to top level managers. While the traditional approach to performance reviews may be appropriate for many positions, it is ineffective for many other positions such as computer programmers and software engineers.As we move farther and farther into the Information Age, we can be sure that the evaluation of computer professionals is one of the keys to a company's success.For simplicity, within this report, programmers, analysts, software engineers, and other titles of software development people will be referred to as computer professionals.Discussion TopicsThis report discusses in great detail all aspects of the evaluation of computer professionals. This discussion will include:current evaluation techniquesproblems with these techniquesnew evaluation techniqueshow these new techniques can be applied for better evaluationsCurrent Evaluation TechniquesTraditional Performance EvaluationsSince its introduction, there has always been a large amount of controversy over the effectiveness and usefulness of the performance evaluation. Most managers will list the task of writing performance evaluations near the top of the list of things they least like to do, yet good managers recognize the importance of performance evaluations to their employees. Managers also realize that written reviews can supply documentation if a fired employee brings a wrongful-dismissal suit.1In theory, employee performance evaluations are supposed to be an enlightening experience both for the manger and the employee. In practice however, these annual rituals are usually less than pleasant. A manager is forced to gather the little information that he or she has about the performance of an employee and put it into a meaningful report. This is largely because managers have too little time to dig up the employee's files, remember all of the relevant examples of good or bad performance, and write a long, complex document that sounds managerial.2Criticism of the Traditional Performance EvaluationCritics of the traditional performance evaluation say that they are too time consuming, too biased, and difficult to construct. They also say that once the performance evaluations are finally constructed, they often times cause more problems than they fix. Employees are usually not receptive to these evaluations, and managers rarely follow up on them.Computer-Assisted Performance EvaluationsA company called Austin-Hayne Corporation has developed a WindowsTM-based performance evaluation program that tries to help managers increase the effectiveness of the evaluation process.3 Austin-Hayne says...

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