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Evaluating How Accuracy And Reliability Could Be Improved In Investigations And Account Of How To Perform A Successful Experiment.

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Evaluating how accuracy and reliability could be improved in investigations and account of how to perform a successful experiment.The term reliability refers to the consistency with which we can confirm the result.The need for accuracy of data should influence the choice of equipment for conducting first hand investigations, where data is collected, quantified or evaluated, reliability refers to the consistency of the information, validity refers to whether the measurements you are taking are caused by the phenomena you are interested in. This relationship between reliability and validity can be confusing as measurements can be reliable without actually being valid. However, they cannot be valid unless reliable. It is easier to be confident of your conclusion when there a limited number of variables involved and ones that is relatively easy to control.First hand investigationSecondary information and dataReliability Have I tested with Repetition? How consistent is the information with the information from other reputable sources? Validity Does my procedure experiment actually test the hypothesis I want it to? What variables have I identified and controlled?How was the information gathered? Do the findings relate to the hypothesis or problem?1.Aim...this is what you are wanting to is a good idea to be able to include in your conclusion that this was successful or unsuccessful....2.Method...okay now there will always be a could say the 1st step as "set up equipment as shown, now remember to label everything...then continue with the method...describe what you are going to do, good idea to include somewhere that you have tabulated your results...and then go on to graph it....3.Results... okay well you have to tabulate your results in a table...try to plan your table that everything fits and put the metric system in. For example - time (s) acceleration ( s squared)4.Graph, okay now the heading...and...

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