Evaluating It Service Management Standards In An Operation.

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1 Introduction to BS15000 IT service management standards.BS15000 service management standards define the best practices for any organisation in implementing, delivering and managing IT services. Based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) BS15000 provide series of defined processes within IT services.BS15000 is according to www.bs15000.org.uk, the world's first standard for IT service management. BS15000 is mentioned to be a formal specification defining what organisations need to achieve. The range of IT service processes BS15000 provide are as follows:1.1 Configuration ManagementMentioned by www.bs15000.org.uk configuration management is the implementation of a database. The database can contain elements of an organisation's details used in the management of the IT services. It will contain relevant information that can relate to the maintenance as well as the movement and any problems that may arise with configuration items.A wider range of information is also held in the configuration management database that IT services of organisations rely on. This information includes hardware, software, documentation, and personnel. Configuration management consist of 4 tasks that include identification, control, status, and verification.1.2 Problem ManagementProblem management is a process that prevents any incidents that can effect the operation of an organisation's IT services. Problem management makes sure faults are corrected and ensures these faults do not occur again.1.3 Change ManagementChange management, as mentioned by www.bs15000.org.uk ensures all changes to configuration items are carried out in an authorised manner as well as being highly planned.Change management makes sure that any change has business reasoning behind it and it can identify specific configuration items and IT services that are affected by any change. Planning and testing the change is part of change management as well as having a plan if change results in any unexpected state.1.4 Incident Management/Help DeskHelp desk is the first point of contact available to business users in their IT services when problems occur. Incident control and communications are the main focuses of the help desk according to www.bs15000.org.uk. There are many different types of help desks. The type of help desk required by an organisation depends on the business requirements.1.5 Software Control and Distribution - Release ManagementSoftware control and distribution covers the management of software development as well as installation and support of an organisation's software products, as mentioned by www.bs15000.org.uk.The creation of a definitive software library (DSL) is the recommended step in software control and distribution process. Here the master copies of all software can be stored as well as being controlled and the release of software being managed. The DSL can consist of being a physical or logical store. Physical store can be software provided from external sources where master...

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