Evaluating Performance Through Motivation, Ethics, And Conflict Management: Wal Mart Management

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IntroductionWal-Mart management operates through a number of functions classified in general as the planning, organizational, leading, motivation and control mechanism factors.The evaluation of employees performances based on motivation, ethics and conflict at Wal-Mart is assessed on very scientific and professional basis, which is one of the main reasons for Wal-Mart to have grown into one of the most famous, well-managed and largest companies of the world. In this essay, we shall take these three factors into consideration to understand how Wal-Mart's management and employees deal with these important issues.MotivationThe motivation factors of Wal-Mart have been divided into the three sub-groups of growth, achievement and equity/satisfaction as per the following details:GrowthThe growth of Wal-Mart has been due to the coordinated and harmonious controlling of this organization by the management of Wal-Mart by the encompassing and deployment of human resource, finance technology and availing of opportunities to further expand its business with success. While in all other organizations there is a differentiation between managements and the natural leaders that naturally exist where so much manpower is employed, the organizational roles of the management and leaderships play out with perfection in their normal business operations for its success. In fact in the Wal-Mart hierarchy system, the CEO, Chairman, Directors and other high position holding personnel play out the roles of leaders more than that of management and therefore are responsible for the direct outcome of this organization in terms of its profits and benefits that are achieved.AchievementsIn Wal-Mart, the leadership facet of the management is one of the required assets that successful managers must have to maximize output through administrative measures such as organizing, planning, directing, controlling and having the correct and appropriate number of staff. At the same time managers can not be simply leaders if they do not have the formal authority to be effective for qualitative initiatives without the support of their senior management to play out the part of an impacting role model. In other organizations there are may be instances where leaderships are not required when for example motivated groups and individuals find the roles of leaders as dominating. This fact therefore proves that although leaderships may not be essential sometimes and it can be considered only as an asset within organizations. The different approach adopted by Wal-Mart is what gives it a decisive advantage over other organizations for its overall success.Equity/SatisfactionThe difference between Wal-Mart and other organization's management and leaderships is that in other organizations, managements rule and must be obeyed while leaderships tend to make individuals follow them naturally by the personal choice of employees. In such organizations managers may have earned their authoritative positions...

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