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Evaluating The Appraisal Form Used By A Grocery Retailer

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We should be aware that there is no such thing as a universally correct appraisal form. In some cases, a form may emphasize competencies and ignore results. This would be the case if the system adopted a behavior as opposed to results approach to measuring performance. In other words, the form may emphasize developmental issues and minimize, or even completely ignore, both behaviors and results. In such cases, the form would be used for developmental purposes only and not for administrative purposes.
In spite of the large variability in terms of format and components, there are certain desirable features that make appraisal forms particularly effective. These features are simplicity, relevancy, descriptiveness, adaptability, comprehensiveness, definitional clarity, communication and time orientation. (Aguinis, 2009, p. 119) In determining whether any changes or revisions are needed on the appraisal form used by a grocery retailer based in the United States, we felt that there was room for improvement. In comparing the appraisal form used by a grocery retailer to the nine major components of appraisal forms, we found that seven components were present.
The components that are present includes basic employee information, competencies and indicators, major achievements and contributions, developmental achievements, developmental needs, plans, and goals, employee comments, and signatures. Also included as components that are listed on the grocery retailer appraisal form is the employee comments section, the signatures section and the basic employee information section.
Although the basic employee information section was included on the grocery retailer appraisal form, it does not include a section for entering additional vital information relative to this component. The information that is not included consists of the employee number and pay grade or salary classification, the number of months and years the rater has supervised or worked with the employee, the employee’s starting date with the company and the starting date in the current job. Also not included is the reason for appraisal, the employee’s current salary, position in range and the date of the next scheduled evaluation. The section regarding the competencies and indicators components is included as well, however it does not appear to be very simplistic or comprehensive as recommended by the author Herman Aguinis. (2009, p. 119) Further stated by Aguinis is that “if the organization adopts a behavior approach, this section of the form includes a definition of the various competencies to be assessed, together with their behavioral indicators”. According to Aguinis, (2009, p. 85) the behavior approach emphasizes what employees do on the job and does not consider employee’s traits or the outcomes resulting from their behaviors. Other important information missing is from the section on major achievements and contributions is an area for listing the two or three major...

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