Evaluating The Effectiveness Of A Selected Organization's Marketing Campaign

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During this report I will be evaluating the effectiveness of Pizza Hut’s promotional campaign in achieving their aims and objectives. I will be analysing the various ways the company attempt to promote their products and service. In order to do so I will be discussing their advertising methods, how staff interact with customers on a one – one basis and how the corporation promote sales of their products. Furthermore, I will be considering how the aforementioned company deal with public relations and the advantages of doing so. Finally, I plan to assess how and why the company use direct marketing as well as sponsorships and endorsements.
With regards to advertising, I will be assessing two different methods. The first is television advertising; Pizza Hut always has an advert on the television. Whenever a new type of pizza or other product has been developed they use bus stop advertising, billboards and newspapers. This is extremely effective as it immediately raises the product awareness. Like all large corporations, Pizza hut are now actively using social networking sites such a Twitter and Facebook in order to connect with a wider audience. A source from adweek.com indicates that the food giants spend a huge $245m a year on their advertising campaigns across the spectrum.
The most obvious advantage with investing in television advertisement is the fact that it immediately raises brand awareness; this is due to the fact that the vast majority of the population own a television. Although this method of advertising is extremely effective, there is always a margin for improvement. For example, Pizza Hut advertising campaigns always focus on two points; a new product and family values. I feel that the company would benefit from using a different marketing angel. The current trend suggests that an audience are more interested in the sourcing of their food and the ingredients involved. I would suggest that Pizza Hut make campaigns about using natural and locally sourced ingredients in order to further raise their brand capabilities.
Personal Selling
Personal selling is often a 1-1 personal interaction with a member of the sales team. In all of Pizza Hut’s restaurants, members of staff are there to encourage the average consumer to spend more money; this is often achieved by asking a series of questions I.e. “Would you like any side orders?” or “Would you like to see the dessert menu?” In every Pizza Hut store the cashiers and sales assistants are specifically trained to strongly persuade customers to purchase add-on items at the till, these include products such as garlic breads or extra drinks.
Another way in which they achieve this sense of personal selling is via the phone. After the customer has completed their order, the sales assistant will then begin trying to sell additional goods. I believe that the advantage of personal selling is the fact that people are more easily persuaded when interacted with other humans....

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