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Evaluating The Most Effective Parenting Styles With Children: Positive Outcomes In The Home And Classroom. Regina Struga Holy Family University

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Evaluating the Most Effective Parenting Styles with Children:
Positive Outcomes in the Home and Classroom.
A parent is not only the loving mother who holds you close to her for nine months and then many years, or the father who plays baseball with you and intimidates his daughter’s dates. It is someone who is there for you from the start, guiding you to the right path of knowledge and teaching you how to stay on the right path independently. A parent does not need to have any biological associations to the child in order to be a parent to them. A parent has certain characteristics who needs to be met to be justly named a parent. For many years, psychologists have defined ways to correctly support a child into adulthood for parents all over the world. Parenting is a universal language to all living things, animals and human beings alike.
Some parents conclude their practice of parenting their children after the child reaches the age of 18, and some have the duty as a parent a lifelong job. As we go further into our years and change so do generations. The media also media changes very constantly and plays a role in how children act and respond to certain stimuli. According to “Marist Institute for Public Opinion, as cited in the Poughkeepsie Poll in 2009” (Figure 1), There was a study done in Poughkeepsie on 2009, and results had revealed that overall every age group finds it harder to raise a child in today’s day and age, than it had been in previous generations. (See Appendix A) Nevertheless, the older that the parent is, the longer the generation gap would be. The long generation gap would affect the ability of the parent to understand, that factors in the difficulty of understanding how media works with a child’s psychological set up. Certain behaviors displayed on television will influence a child’s behavior.
However parenting is not a book written by a doctor; parenting is having a family, and creating memories, also ensuring that your children live in a nourishing environment for their emotional, mental, and physical health. The accepted goal of a parent is to ensure that their child or children grow to be mature and able to both support themselves and ultimately a family of their own.
Styles of Parenting:
Parenting styles have been categorized into three main types, better known as styles, according to Baumrind’s Typology. Styles of parenting include: Authoritarian, Authoritative, and Permissive. Baumrind is also cited in the journal “Parenting Style as a Moderator for Students’ Academic Achievement.” (Ishak, Low & Lau, 2011) However, the parenting styles as listed by Baumrind in the journal are distinct in character, and much through the levels of responsiveness and demandingness each style has. Maccoby and Martin, who are also cited in the second listed journal, captured the important elements. Parental Responsiveness is parallel to the emotional support a parent would give to the child according to that child’s special needs and...

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